Who Is Rebecca?


I am a wife, a writer, and a mom of four children: three who have autism, two of those diagnosed with OCD and depression, one with a processing delay, all children have various levels of ADHD and one or two types of anxiety disorders.

I also have brain health issues. Depression and anxiety. I hid that from the world--and even myself--for so long because having any brain health challenges was taboo. But we need to speak openly about this. Part of my brain illnesses are genetic and part are circumstancial. But I work with them to function and grow and have fun with my geeky, nerdy, amazing family. It is possible to have a good life despite these kinds of challenges.

I also have physical challenges, including a major spinal surgery in March 2018 that may take up to two years to fully recover from. But I refuse to let any of this stop me from setting goals. In fact, I'm in the process of developing recipes that I hope will help not only me, but others as well. I'm working with a physical therapist to heal from the surgery, and I have a goal to climb a mountain next year. Literally.

And I'm writing more books. Romance. Paranormal. children's. I have so many stories in my head that I can't wait to share with you! Creativity makes EVERYTHING better.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay as long as you like.

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