Who Is Rebecca?


My name is Rebecca Blevins, and this is my blog. You'll find all sorts of things around here. If you go way back to the beginning--and no one needs to do that, right?--you'll even find posts from before I majorly got into writing.

I started out as a reader. When I was a kid, I inhaled books faster than a vacuum sucks up dust bunnies. In fact, I used to get my books confiscated for not doing my chores.

In that time, I write two books. One at age four, with a cover made out of a diaper box, and another at age seven, stapled together out of construction paper.

Then when I had children, I decided I had to write or lose my mind, so I started a blog. Writing was therapeutic. I met friends that way who were those weird creatures called writers.

Writing turned out to be contagious, so I started making up stories for my kids, and they told me I should write them down so I wouldn't forget.

So I did.

I found out about the Storymakers writing conference a thousand miles from me, went to my first one in 2010, and BOOM! Somehow I became a full-fledged writer.

I promise that somewhere in my stories there will always be a happily ever after—even if you have to look for it. I believe that there is more to the world than we can see, more magic around us and deep inside of us than we've ever dreamed. I still hope to find friendly gnomes in my garden someday.

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