Rebecca Blevins is from the Midwest, land of tornadoes and cows—hopefully not mixed together. She began reading before she can remember, so books have always been part of her life. She has fond memories of borrowing more than thirty titles from the library at a time, and her mother stated: "Rebecca sat down to read and didn't stop until she was done with the whole bag."

Rebecca’s love of reading has turned into an affinity for writing. Her first book—at age four—was a huge hit, with a cut-up diaper box cover and pages of stick figure drawings. The title? Mommy and Rebecca Go to the Store.

Now that she considers herself a grownup, Rebecca especially loves writing about pirates with rooster pox and princesses with pet anteaters, as well as tales for young adults. Rebecca was lucky enough to find a handsome writer prince, and they have four children. Their family enjoys reading together, playing Dominion, Friday night pizza, and watching funny videos on YouTube.