Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Welcome to My Website!

Latest Book Updates: 

The Plus One is a companion novel to Keeping Christmas and is now available in ebook and print. For those of you who wanted Rachel to find love, this is her story! Click on the link up above to my books for adults to find out more.


My name is Rebecca Blevins, and this is my blog. You'll find all sorts of things around here. If you go way back to the beginning--and no one needs to do that, right?--you'll even find posts from before I majorly got into writing.

I started out as more of a mommy blogger. I know, I know. I didn't make a very good one, but writing was therapeutic. I met friends that way, found out about a writing conference a thousand miles from me, went, and BOOM! Somehow I became a full-fledged writer.

People ask me about what I write, and I never answer with one genre because I love to write a little of everything! The books currently out are middle grade pirate adventures (werechickens, anyone?) and contemporary sweet romance. You'll always find book updates at the top of this post so you know the latest! I have another top-secret project I'm getting ready to announce in a month or so, and I am so excited about that! (Hint in my blog description up there. ^^^)

Feel free to make yourself comfortable and look around. I suggest doing so with something nice to drink. Fall is here, so a cup of hibiscus tea or chocolate might just do the trick.

One more thing: I promise that somewhere in my stories there will always be a happily ever after—even if you have to look for it. I believe that there is more to the world than we can see, more magic around us and deep inside of us than we've ever dreamed. I still hope to find friendly gnomes in my garden someday.