Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What's Up? Wednesday #14 Wherein I Get Real and Also Spill the Beans on My Project

Howdy! Happy first Wednesday of the year!

I didn't quite mean to get so personal here, but I did, and sometimes sharing is caring involuntary. One thing I forgot I was telling you about was when I did the yoga video today, the instructor talked about being accepting of where you are right now. I pulled a groin muscle over a month ago, and I can't quite move the way I did before. It's healing really slowly. So that advice sank into my brain and just permeated my thinking on everything today. I need to accept myself where I am.

Oh, the yoga videos are Revolution Yoga with Adriene on YouTube if you want to join in. Many thanksn to Jolene Perry for posting about it on Facebook Monday.

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