Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What's Up Wednesday #3 Wherein My Friends and I Literally Show You Our Trash, and I Use Far Too Many Parentheses

Wow, what a week!

I went to a writing retreat over the weekend, and it was awesome.However, I was so stuck on part of my plot and couldn't figure it out, because my brain was mush, my daughter was sick at school and I had to find her a ride home (THANK YOU, JENNIFER, IF YOU'RE READING THIS! I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER!). I was nearly in tears (okay, I actually did cry a little) by Friday afternoon because I was on a Monday deadline for the book and I couldn't figure out how to fix the end, and my awesome super-talented friend L.T. Elliot talked my plot out with me for well over an hour, and then I deleted and rewrote thousands of words over the next two days.

I came home (after taking gorgeous pics of snow-covered fall mountains, you can see them on Instagram) to sick kids. My poor eldest son came down sick at his first HOMECOMING. How awful is that? Yet they still had a fun time.

My latest book is now at the editor. I sent it in on Monday night, so we're that much closer! After half a week of craziness, I was chuffed to bits (my hero says this, so now I do too) to get to have lunch with some of my favorite people. L.T. had to leave, so she didn't make it in this video, but Charlie Holmberg and Caitlyn McFarland are with me today to say a quick hello. What we didn't get that we should have? Me serenading Caitlyn and Charlie with "You'll Be Back" from the musical Hamilton. I turned my van on with the doors open so Caitlyn's cute daughter wouldn't get too warm. The music blasted immediately, so I couldn't help myself. Charlie even joined me in some chorus-line kicks. She'd be a fantastic Rockette.

These ladies are fabulously talented authors, so if you haven't read their books, DO IT. You can find them here: Caitlyn    Charlie

This video is short, real (no second takes, and that's obvious), and very awkward. But you get to hear Charlie sing about that a little, so all is not lost. Thanks, girls, for being the highlight of my day.

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Julie Pullman said...

I've read and enjoyed both of their books! Funny story: Charlie recommended Caitlyn's book on FB and I read and loved it. When I saw Charlie next I gushed over the awesome recommendation, not knowing Caitlyn was sitting across from her at the table! :D