Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What's Up? Wednesday #1: Of Mouse and Woman

Welcome to the first installment of What's Up? Wednesday.

Every Wednesday I'll post a short video on my blog and say hi to my readers. I'm not used to filming myself or being on camera, but that's okay. I'm me regardless of what I look like, and writing is about taking chances and connection, after all.

I was entirely distracted from the craziness going on inside my house, and what I meant by meeting people in person was that since it's so cool meeting online friends in person, that I thought I'd be brave and show a little of what I'm like behind the keyboard. This coming from a girl who would dive behind a table in order not to be captured on film. Unedited, not worrying much about makeup ("much" is all you're going to get, ha, ha), and even if I sniffle on camera. Which I did. :)

If you have any questions for me about anything at all, ask away in the comments and they may be answered next time.

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MARIDEE said...

Great first podcast, Rebecca! I'm with you and mice although I did have a pet rat one summer! My Pa worked at a school and he asked what they were going to do with the rat since school was ending for the summer. When I went to my grandparents for the summer that was my big surprise! I did learn to love him and play with him but those days are over! I hope Noah can hind him quickly! ❤️