Sunday, February 7, 2016

Chugging Along

This was James's first week back to work. He's with a great company now, and even though I'll need to drive him to and from for a few months until we get another car, the schedule is the best it could be for our family. This is a huge blessing and something I'm really thankful for. A nice plus is that we get to visit with each other to and from. He tells me how his day went as I drive. That's a huge silver lining.

I've been doing a lot of client editing lately, so I'm a little behind on getting revisions for Werechickens done. But I should finish up my last editing project tomorrow and get on that, because it's due to my editor in a week. So if you've said you'd beta read for me, I may only have a few days in which to have anyone read. I understand if you can't.

My eldest went to Anaheim for a school music, dance, theater competition. I'm so proud of all of them--they took fourth place in the advanced category! They all worked hard and it shows. He's been randomly texting me, and that is such a tender thing for this mom. He even sent me a selfie of him with the Hollywood sign far behind him. I love that my fifteen-year-old wants to share things with me.

This is short, because I'm super tired, among other things. This week will be really busy, too. And I get to figure out a Valentine's box for my first grader. With homeschooling until this year, I've never had to do that before. Somehow, if he gets a box with a heart drawn on it, I'll call that a win this week. 

Goals: make Valentine's Day box. Make my house not look so much like a disaster. Finish client edits and then do my book edit. I need to work out, but I think it's going to have to be plain yoga for a while. Take some time off, but I have to figure out which day. I've been going almost pedal to the metal and I'm really tired. I think when I have my edits done I need to take a few days off, but my house is a disaster since I've been working so much. I know this is super fascinating to read, but it's life!

I am really looking forward to having this book finished, because I have a YA that needs to be worked on. So the week after this, things are going to change quite a bit around here. Dun, DUN, DUN!

My sweet husband insisted on getting me some bubble bath and bath salts that are good for relieving achy muscles. I think I'm going to do that quickly before bed. Goodnight, if you've made it this far.

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