Sunday, January 24, 2016

Last Week of January: Cue "Eye of the Tiger"

First of all, "Eye of the Tiger" does not mean I'm running a marathon anywhere but in my computer chair with my heated cushion at my back. Now that we have that clear, well, this week kind of came awesomely out of nowhere. Not only did we accept an offer on our house in Missouri (which was the possible good news I alluded to last week), my husband got the official paperwork for his offer of employment, and he starts on February 1st. So much awesome in one week. So much desperately needed awesome. (I keep saying "awesome," but it so much is.)

My "go to sleep by eleven p.m." goal kind of disappeared with the stress-induced insomnia. And writing has been difficult as a result, so my book still isn't quite done. But on Friday night I couldn't sleep because of not having it done, so after trying to sleep, I said to heck with it and got up at 1:30 and wrote until 4:00 a.m. It was worth it. Combined with the thousand I'd gotten earlier, I wrote a total of five thousand words. Then life happened yesterday, but I have the goal of finishing this manuscript tomorrow. After all, it's due to go to the editor in three weeks! Yikes! And I still need to get it out for betas. I hope they don't hate me that this one is going to be a rush job as well. 

I worked out three times this week, including making it through a workout I couldn't make it through the week before. Yeah, I had to stop and breathe a few times, but I did it. My right hip and lower back are hating me more than usual, but the rest of my body is starting to rebuild a little muscle. Feels nice. 

My major goal for this week? FINISH THE BOOK. Actually, that's my major goal for tomorrow. Then I have some client editing I need to work on, so anything else that gets done this week is gravy. And speaking of gravy, I need to make sure I'm on top of planned meals this week. Tomorrow I'm putting together a spaghetti sauce for the crockpot that will be full of veggies, so it can simmer all day while I'm working away on writing about werechickens. Oh, and I shall work out. So here are my very simple goals: 

1. FINISH THE BOOK. (It's in all caps again. Notice a theme here?)
2. FINISH THE BOOK. (Making sure you know how big of a goal this really is.)
3. Edit 
4. Exercise (at least three times I want to do five, but my body demands a rest some days, so I'm hoping for four. Three is a must.
5. Get sleep (Yes, I'm going to bed right after this. I even took a melatonin)
6. Catch up on scripture reading (our church is doing a challenge)
7. Self care. Meaning "Mom needs alone time or she's going to be a simmering kettle of hormonal doom." And hot baths to relax muscles. At least two this week. And reading. 
8. Watch one chick flick with daughter. It's one of the highlights of my week. Yay, Netflix! Last week we watched The Decoy Bride. We'd never heard of it. I might be the last person to know about it, so this could be old news for you. How surprising and fun to find this guy:

james david katie tennant lara

(David Tennant, in case you don't recognize him in that abominable jacket) and Kelly Macdonald, whom I'd never heard of before--I thought. But my daughter and I kept saying, "She sounds like Merida!" So I Googled, and lo and behold, she is the voice of Merida. And an adorable actress, to boot. 

And another awesome surprise was this guy: 

Image result for dylan moran decoy bride gif

Dylan Moran, whom I absolutely loved in Black Books. It's one of those rare shows I can watch over and over again. Very quotable. (Though there is an episode or two that's a bit naughty, so be warned. It is a show produced in the UK, after all.) If you're bored, here's the pilot episode of that series. I mean, who can resist a drunk Irishman who owns a bookshop and hates his customers? Also, there's a bit of an Easter egg in here. Do you recognize the actor who plays the doctor?

I'm also toying with the idea of doing an update now and then on video. We'll see. One thing at a time, right? Do you watch videos, or do you scroll down to read transcripts? I mainly read transcripts unless it's someone I know, then I do like to see them on video now and then. Especially if they're showing a cool thrift store find or something. Makes them feel more real to me, but only if they're under five minutes long. Three is preferable. But I am also in my late thirties, and I don't know what people like these days. I hide out in caves with no electricity, I'm such a dinosaur. (Kidding. KIDDING! I luvz the interwebz. Google is my bestest non-alive friend.) I'm totally in touch with the Internet crowd, yo! Even if my younger teen tells me people don't say things like "cool" anymore. According to him: "We have other words now, Mom." 

"Like what?"

"I don't know; we just do."

Argh. So please, enlighten me!

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Jess said...

Congrats on everything with the house!! That's amazing and such a weight to have off your shoulders! Also just the fact that you brought up David Tennant made me smile so much. Not sure if you're a Doctor Who fan, but he's brilliant.