Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy New Week

I set a lot of goals last week. Let's take a look at how it went:

Getting to bed by 11 pm. Most nights I got into bed during the eleven o'clock hour. Some of those nights I lay awake, not able to fall asleep because of my brain spinning, spinning, spinning with information or new story ideas. Strategy for this week - melatonin so I can fall asleep easier as I adjust. 

Knowing what I was serving for dinner the night before. I did pretty well on this, actually. I think I did that for every night except the weekend. 

Cleaning my son's room and getting the laundry room done? Nope. 

Getting four thousand words a day? Nope. But I did get seven thousand overall. Bumps in the road last week and getting sick for a couple of days really affected my production with everything. 

Exercise three times? See previous. Sick headaches don't lend themselves to exercise when it hurts to walk around. But I did do it once. 

So this means I should throw up my hands and be upset? Hardly. Positives: 

I actually did get writing done this week. I spent time outlining on one day instead of getting manuscript words, and that helped me get the seven thousand words in four days. I did research. (Did you know we didn't start saying "sideswipe" until the 1900s? That eliminated an island name for my manuscript. Don't worry. I found another.) On Wednesday, I went back to bed in the morning, which enabled me to get through the rest of the day, but eliminated writing time. This week, I plan on finishing the first draft and getting it to my alpha reader. 

I did, in fact, get into my bed when it was eleven o' something most nights, even if I couldn't sleep. I haven't been doing too well, still exhausted, but it's a combo of pain and being drained from the past few years of stress, though I think I'm coping well overall, considering. A month at the sea would probably help a lot.

Image result for picture of the sea free

Doesn't just looking at that picture feel good? Aaaah.

Kind of planning dinner? YES. That was very helpful. 

Son's room? It's okay it didn't get done. I'm going to work on it a bit every day this week between writing.

Laundry? I did my own last night and made sure my teens did theirs. And made sure my youngest got all his school clothes washed. WIN!

Get alone time every day? Yes. Did that even if it was in my office writing. I took some time to read, and that helped the anxiety overall during the week. Watch a movie and knit? Didn't happen. But I'm going to do that tomorrow with my daughter.

So, see? I could decide I failed and feel bad about myself. Or I can take the week for what it was (and I know I was very ambitious) and feel good about what I got accomplished. So, for this week? 

Continue reading scriptures at least a bit every day and remember to pray in the morning. (I did well with this last week.) Continue loosely planning dinner the day before. Finish my manuscript. Get alone time every day. Organize my son's room. And even though I hate doing the same thing over and over, I'm starting PiYo again tomorrow. It's the only exercise that I seem to be able to do without ending up in lots of pain after the muscle soreness goes away (due to the spondylolisthesis in my back and resulting arthritis and strain on my muscles), and I'm desperate. Since July, I've gained twenty pounds back of the over seventy I'd lost because of going on insulin, and I'm very unhappy about that. Seems like when I'm on meds, I can only lose by combining exercise with healthy eating; the healthy eating alone doesn't do as much as it should, and I think that's because of how the insulin reacts with my body, so we'll see. I've had a doctor suspect I'm type 1.5, so that may be why my body struggles with it more than I think it should. 

Anyway, this is getting long, but I'm glad to be blogging again. I'm glad to be setting goals and practicing being gentle with myself for not having the ability to be superhuman. There are a lot of personal things and personal family things that make up my week, the same as anyone else has, so what makes a list appear doable on the surface may need to be adjusted when reality hits. 

Two things happened today that I want to share. First, we had an excellent meeting with a combined Relief Society and Priesthood (men and women in our church), as well as the teenagers. We had an amazing instructor, a man who worked for the Church Educational System for thirty-five years. He said something that will stick with me for a long time. "The righteous are sinners who are trying. The wicked are sinners who are trying not to get caught." I found this very reassuring, because I am always striving to be better, and I feel all too often that I fall short. 

The other thing that happened was when my youngest got a nosebleed in church, and I escorted him out and sat with him on the couch until it stopped. He leaned his head against me and rubbed my tummy. Then he sat up and asked, "Mom, where is your waist?"

I laughed and laughed and laughed. I'm glad that was my reaction instead of crying. I showed him where my waist was, and he wanted to know why I was laughing. I think this is the first time I've used this response with any of my children, but I didn't think he would get it, so I told him he'd understand why when he was an adult.

I'm ready to take this week on. What are your goals, if you have any? Join me in being realistic and preparing to adjust where needed. 

May the force be ever in your favor. And it's bound to be a good week, starting off with Mr. Cucumberbasket.

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