Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Contemporary Fantasy

Name: Pete Catalano

Email Address: billypayne at aol dot com

Age Category (MG, YA, NA, or Adult): MG

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Other Age Categories and Genres You Like to Write: MG Contemporary.
Twitter Handle: @Pete_Catalano

Chapter Excerpt is From: Chapter Twelve 

            Stepping through the door leading to Black’s office, his floor was stone and the walls were carved out of these massive rocks.


            “It doesn’t seem like you’ve ever heard of the concept of ‘cozy’ . . . ” I started.    


            Black laughed as he took a seat behind a very large, very imposing desk. “I’ve been in this game for far too long, Mordecai. When I first put on my Super Villain suit, our lairs were these remote, fog-covered islands, where the Superheroes or even the police couldn’t find you. I was comfortable in the caves back then. In fact, I did some of my greatest masterminding and had my most impressive victories while hiding away. When the IFCE moved here to New York I knew this room was a little bit of home I needed to bring with me.” He paused for a moment. There was a look in his eyes as if he were remembering those times. “Sorry, now where were we?”


            “My education,” I reminded him.


            “Ah yes, your education,” Black repeated as a holographic board appeared before us. “There are several areas we need to concentrate on over the next few days we are together. Name being the primary one.” As Black said the word, it appeared in the middle of the screen before us. “Laugh. Abilities. Costume. Henchmen. Lair. If we can begin to talk about these six Super Villain factors, we should be able to carve out a niche from which you can start your training. Does that work for you?”
            I nodded my head like I was a bobblehead doll.
            “Now for choosing a name,” Black said, tapping his fingers on the desk. “A really great Super Villain name has to accomplish at least one of the following three things . . . but hopefully all of them. It has to lend itself to a really cool costume.
            “Check,” I said.
            “It has to sound dark, threatening, and menacing.
            “Check again.”
            “It must have the potential to inspire great nicknames.”
            “But I don’t – ” I started.
            “Think about it, Mordecai,” Black said. “Would "The Meaner Ballerina" ever get taken seriously? The costume alone would get you laughed out of the International Federation of Creepy Evildoers. However, if for some reason you do prefer to be of service to the IFCE and commit your crimes through the expressive power of dance, I would suggest something slightly more sinister, such as "Deadly Dancer".
            I thought about it and sighed. “But I kind of like Mordecai . . . ”
            Black shook his head. “Mordecai is a  . . . terrible name for a Super Villain.”
            “I know!” I said, jumping up out of my seat and taking a super stance. “We can add a few words to it so I can become Evil Mordecai. Or Mordecai the Destroyer!

Bio: I writ MG contemporary and contemporary fantasy and prefer to critique the same. Claim to fame includes a MG Contemporary Fantasy coming out from Month9Books in May 2016. I do make my bed, and I’m scared of penguins.

Critiquing Style: I make notes on what I love, what makes me laugh, and anything that trips me up or falls flat for me. Dialogue and voice are my biggest strengths.


Nicole Zoltack said...

Oh, I love the voice in this!

My entry is for a YA thriller (about a gender-swapped Bruce Wayne but if you don't think that is your cup of tea, I do have a MG fantasy adventure I'd be willing to send your way instead. That one is about a penniless princess who is desperate for gold to pay goblin healers to save her best friend's life and embarks on a treasure hunt.

Pete Catalano said...

Hi Nicole!

Just saw this comment. Thank you. I would be happy to read either the YA thriller or the MG fantasy. Just let me know.