Friday, December 4, 2015

Write Type CP Match - Middle Grade (and Chapter Books)

Middle Grade and Chapter Book Write Type Entries

Middle grade and chapter books are two different genres, but they go together like peanut butter and jelly, so we're posting both! Entries are listed below. Keep all comments positive, and please only comment on those entries you're interested in matching critiques with. Feel free to link to your entry in your comment. If they comment backit's a match! 

Remember that a lot of entrants write different genres, so look around! For example, you might be drawn to someone's YA entry and discover that they also write MG. 

Please note that none of the authors here have been vetted by me, Kimberly, or Caitlyn of Write Type CP Match in any way. Remember to be smart and use your Internet common sense. Savvy? (Why yes, I'm a Captain Jack Sparrow fan.) 

Also, please do not contact any authors whose posts you haven't commented on, or use their email addresses for any other purpose. We're trying to make finding critique partners a little less awkward, and if you contact people for any reason other than for the purposes of this contest, that will be very awkward. Just don't do it. Practice your gracious smile and nod--count it as practice for when you decide to query agents. Professionalism goes a very long way in the writing world, and word will get around if you don't follow the industry's social rules. Trust us on this one. And read Kim's post HERE on how not to be a jerk. 

Comments will be open until December 10th. 

NA and Adult entries are found HERE.

YA entries are found HERE.

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