Saturday, March 7, 2015

Big Announcement!

It has been a while since I've updated this blog, so I decided to update in a big way!

My middle grade book, the first one in a (hopefully) series, was accepted last fall for publication by Trifecta Books!

Captain Schnozzlebeard and the Singing Clam of Minnie Skewel Island is releasing with other awesome books from my publisher on March 31st, 2015. Yes, that's in about three weeks. For my book at least, the e-book will be available on that date, with print coming mid April. So those of you who are interested in reading about Captain Gus Schnozzlebeard, a pirate named Ratbeard, a singing stowaway orphan boy named Lint, and expert explorer Helena Handicart--well, you don't have much longer to wait!

I got to see the concept art for the book in the last couple of days, and I'm so stoked for you guys to see the finished product! The illustrator is amazing!

Keep checking back here. I'll share info as I have it about any cover reveal, the launch, the actual launch party, etc. And expect more exclamation marks, as I'm super excited!!!!!!!

Oh, and I am also getting some professional headshots done on Tuesday. Wish me luck. Nothing like gaining back a few pounds to put a damper on frolicking around a meadow (or old buildings), but you know what? This is an awesome time, and I'm embracing it. Pounds or not.

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