Wednesday, March 12, 2014

One Month of Fitness!

Today marks one month since I began working out again. I've done 3-5 workouts a week, depending on soreness and my usual pain levels.

Have I lost any weight? Not yet. Actually, I find it easier to begin working out first, then adding in healthier eating. Working out helps me want to eat healthier. I make it a point to stay off the scale most of the time. When I started the month, the water retention from my workouts made my clothes even tighter. In the past week or so they're getting looser again, which is awesome. I also am not measuring myself. I don't really care or want to monitor that closely. I had some issues when I was younger which makes me take any opportunity to not obsess about the scale or how many inches are gone.

However, I can already feel some of my shape is redistributing. Shifting. More muscle here, a little less fat there. It feels good. One hormonal issue resolved itself, which I attribute directly to the exercise. Despite my yoga and stretching, my hip and low back have been worse this past week, but I still danced a good deal at a wedding reception on Saturday night. I can't stay still when music is involved!

Last week I made another big shift in our family's diet. We're using a lot more vegetables. Tonight we had pasta with large amounts of cannellini (white kidney) beans, veggie broth, onions, and kale. I was so pleased that every single person ate it and most had seconds. Even my very picky youngest loved it. I incorporated green smoothies again, and I'm getting off of here and making one for everyone before bed.

I still am going to get my fitness tracking blog up and going, but I need to finish some of my writing work first. The revisions to my work-in-progress are taking longer than I thought, but I'm really excited for the story and its possibilities!

I hope your Wednesday is going well!

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