Friday, March 7, 2014

Announcing . . . the Rat Pack!

No flash fiction today due to technical difficulties, but I do have something to announce. In my current middle-grade work-in-progress, Captain Schnozzlebeard and the Singing Clam of Minnie Skewel Island, my main antagonist is a pirate named Ratbeard. Good old Ratbeard has a huge, fluffy brown beard where his widdle pweciouses--uh, five pet rats, nest and play. 

About a week ago or so, I asked my Facebook friends if any of them would like to be immortalized as a rat in my book. 

The response was amazing. 

I don't know what it says about all of you who wanted to be a beard-dwelling rat, but I am really, really glad to have such weird cool friends! You guys are so fun!

A couple of things to remember: 1) I had to research what names were in use in the mid 1800's. 2) There couldn't be too many of the same letter or sound, so I had to mix and match over and over. I swear, it took me about an hour to compile the final list of five with the consultation of three other writers. 3) If for some reason any of these need to be changed in the future, like if an editor makes me or something, I'll have to, and this is not a binding contract. :D 4) If it's all right with each of you whose names I use, I'd love to put you in the acknowledgments as my "rat pack." 5) I may be asking for names in the future. I will likely have some chickens--both roosters and hens--to name in the sequel. :) 

Here are the five rats:

Juliet (Julie C.)

Pearl (Laura Pearl S.)
Ruby (Ruby M.)
Angela (Angie D.)
Gwyn (Bonnie J.)

Congratulations to my Rat Pack! The book is in revision right now, and I'm not sure what direction the publication will take, but I am hoping to have more news about it sometime this year. (Edit: yes, Margaret changed to Ruby. Same girl, but we went with her first name instead of her middle name. :)

Have a rattastic weekend!

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She's in the kitchen! said...

Yay! The Rat Pack is here! You've made this so much fun. :) I love the Schnozzlebeard story and can't wait to read the final edition!