Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Got Any Grapes?

My thirteen-year-old, Professor, comes up with some deep, thought-provoking ideas and subjects of conversation. So, last night during dinner, he remarks, "There are some pretty big questions out there in the world." Of course I wonder what we're going to be discussing tonight, then he continues with his questions. "Are you a gummy bear?"

 "Got any grapes?" 

 "And, what does the fox say?" (If you haven't heard this one by now, you must be quite comfortable under your rock. May I join you?)

Did I also mention Professor makes us laugh a lot? He has the Studio C Bisque Guy impression down pat. If you haven't seen the sketch, here's the first one.

Some nights are good for discussing deep things. Other nights are great for singing silly songs about gummy bears, ducks at lemonade stands (I really love that one, actually), and wondering what the fox says. Yip.

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