Friday, February 14, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday: Saving Catie

Flash Fiction Friday is a weekly roundup of quickly-written fiction, 1000 words or less. Our host is Suzanne Warr and her blog, Tales from the Raven. Go here to read all the entries! Flash Fiction Friday

Today's prompt: Oh, I don’t know…maybe this is a good day for platonic friendships?  No?  Well, let’s go with love, then, but give it a twist if you can!

Saving Catie

Catie lay by the pond. It was overcast, which was nice, because even though the seasons had begun changing the pond was tepid. It hadn't done much to cool us off as it had last year. There was a plus side to less swimming, though. Our romance had deepened through countless hours of conversation and not a little harmless flirting.

She didn't hear me approach. I couldn't help but stare at the curve of her dark neck, couldn't wait until she spoke to me again with her soft voice. I smiled, thrilled at my good luck that Catie had chosen me. There had been plenty of other better-looking dudes out there, but I wasn't about to analyze it too much--she was mine, and that was that. 

I took a breath to tell her I was there, in the hope of not startling her, when something burst through the trees and grabbed Catie! Before I could even make a sound, a huge man was dragging her into the woods.

No! Oh, no! My heart stopped for a second, then slammed into gear. My feet finally got the message as I chased after them through the trees and into a clearing. Catie's strangled cries slashed at my heart as I saw the man there, trying to hold my beloved down onto a stump. Light flashed off of the silver ax he held. 

With a wild screech, I flew at the man, beating him about the head with my wings. He dropped Catie, and she coughed and choked. "Fly, my love, fly!" I yelled. 

She stared up at me with her beautiful brown eyes, then grabbed a stick with her beak. Just as the man was about to catch me, Catie swung the stick around and jabbed him in the eye. The man fell back, clutching his face, and Catie and I sailed into the sky. 

We flew in silence for a bit, both of us more than a little shaken. "Well," I said, "I think next year we'll find someplace else to rest on our way south."

She nodded. "I agree, Jas. Trenton said this morning that he heard there's a resort a little way off our usual path, but that the humans there like to feed Canadian geese."

"Sounds good to me." My insides ached with how close I had come to losing the love of my life. I tried desperately to think of how I could show her how much she truly meant to me. Then I had an idea! When we rested again, I'd find a large leaf and fill it with the juiciest bugs I could find. With my plan firmly in mind, and a grateful smile in my heart, we flew on in companionable silence.


Suzanne Warr said...

What a sweet goosey couple, and Valentine story! I hope that guy was wearing an eyepatch for a month! lol May the geese enjoy their new habitat and their pile of bugs, in peace. :D

Elm Christensen said...

Ha ha, you totally had me thinking human, and then I was all "what?" in a great way :D. I'm partial to feathers, I LOVED your story! (And I'm so relieved they made it out together.)