Monday, February 10, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

It's Monday, but after the weekend, I was ready to get back to the routine. I leave my computer in the basement on the weekend now, so all my internetting (like my new term?) is pretty much done on my phone.

I realized how much I enjoy my new little office setup in the basement, and I began missing it by the end of yesterday. It's a nice feeling. Instead of living for the weekend, I'm finding ways to organize my life so that I am making each day work better for me. I'm learning to manage things to handle stress better, which is something I've desperately needed.

In addition to setting aside time for writing each day, last week I added another thing back into my routine: fitness. Each day right after lunch, the kids are given independent work, and I go downstairs to work out. Then I check on the kids, wrap up school, shower, then go down to my office. I got three workouts in last week, but let me tell you, today--


But, because it was 1:00, that meant I had to, and I wasn't sick or injured enough to skip it. (I have a pulled intercostal muscle--rib muscle strain--but if I'm careful it's okay.) So I worked out anyway. Leg day. Jellyfish leg day. Meaning I took my expensive post-recovery drink because it really seems to cut my muscle soreness and recovery time in half.

Soon I'll be keeping record of some of my workouts and progress on another blog I reserved a long time ago, I'll be posting the link to that blog within another week or two, so if you're interested in what I'm up to, why I'm doing what I'm doing, and how I'm doing it, look for that reveal soon. I know some of you wonder why I'm not teaching classes at this point, and I'll talk about that and all fitness-related info there. 

I will leave you with one last thing for today. Hopefully it's not what I'll look like when I get out of bed tomorrow morning.

leg day | This is how I still feel… even if leg day was the day BEFORE ...

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She's in the kitchen! said...

Was there any resemblance this morning? :)