Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Royal Decree--Her Highness Hath Spoken

Royal Decree Issued Forth From Her Majesty, the Queen:

Her Majesty has shown the utmost patience and putupwithance of her royal capacity. Yea, even to the biting of her Highness' royal tongue and only uttering the softest of debasements and dire grumblings, until this fortuitous day.

Her Majesty's patience hath run its course. The mournful end of Her Highness' benevolence arrived this morning. As she prepared to be enlightened with variances of swivel and sway--yea, even as she prepared to verily, bust a move, she discovered that the dark wands which control the magic tutoring boxes had evaporated once again into seemingly thin air.

The wands have been perpetually disappearing as if by black magic, and to keep them--and you, subjects--under the Queen's cheerful and radiant visage, no one except Her Majesty or His Highness, the King, shall ever touch them. Hereto and forthwith, not one of the kingdom's subjects are ever permitted to touch with the finger, the toes--or any part of the subjects' anatomy--the wands which cause the magic boxes to perform their duty. No silver discs shall be inserted, no buttons pressed with the forefinger--nay, nothing shall be done in this manner which requires the use of the aforementioned wands without express permission from Her Majesty.

Once recovered, the wands are to be left on the table next to the royal throne. Theft or unpermitted usage of these wands will cause the sorry subject(s) to be tossed out of the kingdom on his/her/their bottom(s) and left to fend for his/her/themselves in the wild Forests of Banishment, unable to use any forms of magical entertainment boxes for a time, the length thereof determined by the Queen. (And we all know how our Queen rules when her Highness is perturbed.)


She's in the kitchen! said...

Me thinketh your decree is sound and just! :D

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

The Queen is merciful.

This Dutchess is pretty sure that if she had to be Dutchess and Schoolmaster at the same time there would be beheadings. ;)