Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Book Review: Million Dollar Diva

When Tristi Pinkston contacted me to review this book, I was very much looking forward to it. Tristi is an excellent writer, and after having read her co-authors' book Safe Money Millionaire, I wondered what kind of product and advice would come of the mash-up of talents.

A good one, apparently! Far from dry and boring, the approach to this book drew me in right away and I read, fascinated as the pages flew.

The thing I liked most about this book is the conversational style. Tristi has a way of writing that makes me feel comfortable, as if I'm leaning back in a comfy chair chatting with a close friend--or, in this instance, watching a friend chat with financial gurus who answered all of her questions with ease.

Having been drawn into Tristi's story, I felt the emotions she was conveying to Brett and Ethan. This is why, when they gave Tristi options on how to get out of debt and grow money (spoiler alert--it doesn't actually grow on trees), I felt almost a palpable relief. It was so nice to see real ideas you can put into play when you don't have any extra income. Usually financial wizards recommend not eating out, stopping going to movies, buying less clothing--but they never addressed what you do if you almost never do any of those things to begin with. There were ideas I never would have thought of, but make perfect sense as lifelines to help you get out of debt and prepare for your future.

The only thing I might have added, and this is only because I'm a big reader of fiction--which this is not--is that I wanted to picture the room they were sitting in while they were all talking. I'm used to having a mental image to ground a conversation in, and lacking that distracted me because I'd picture them in various places including a boardroom, then a living room with Brett in an overstuffed, light chair with green stripes and flowers on it. (You're welcome, Brett.) But that's just me. The usual, normal public will be just fine.

The bits of comic relief sprinkled throughout was welcome and perfectly timed, especially after a technical bit that most people will understand, but makes my eyes glaze over. It was nice not to feel like an idiot because Tristi made a little comment after that segment that made me really smile and realize that not only was I not alone, but so thankful that there are people out there who can help me make sense of all this.

To sum it up: finally, a book which has some great advice on how to help you if you're a real family in debt, who cooks all their meals at home, and doesn't have a $5 per day Starbucks habit to drop and pay bills with.

Sounds interesting? Well, for now until June 15th, you can get a copy of this book for free! You only have to pay $5.95 for shipping and handling. Go to the website Million Dollar Diva , and click on the side link where it says, "Get your free author copy here."

If you are reading this past June 15th, you can purchase the book here: Amazon Link

The authors: Brett Kitchen, Tristi Pinkston, and Ethan Kapp