Thursday, November 10, 2011

The End of the World was at 10:30 This Morning

You prepare your children for emergencies. You teach them who to call, how to behave, their address and phone number, etc. 

Then the emergency actually happens, and you learn a lot about your kids.

Now this emergency wasn't one of the life and death variety--but you wouldn't know that according to my nine-year-old.

Around 10:30, Lion informed me that the water faucet wasn't working. After the initial checking and hustling bustle, the other kids settled down to wait patiently while I searched for a water bill to find the company's phone number.

Not so for Lion.

He ran around the house screaming, "We're all gonna die! We'll have no water forever and we're gonna die!" It took me much longer to call the water company with his hysterics. Trying to calm him down so I could figure out what was going on was quite the feat.

The water company didn't know anything, so I called a neighbor. She let me know that it looked like a main break was at the end of our street, when she took her boys to school this morning. Trucks were out there and everything, but they hadn't put out an alert yet. Relieved, I sat the kids down and talked about our response to the emergency, and how they helped or hindered the process.

Thankfully nothing major happened. Still, there's nothing like an object lesson. Do I expect anything to be different next time?


The water coming out of the pipes still looks yucky. I let it run for a good while, but they may still be fixing the break. One of the kids said it looked like juice, so Professor told Bean it was "diaper-change water" so the two-year-old wouldn't try to drink it. 

Maybe we'll go out for a while. 

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