Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Great Ketchup Smackdown!

Barbecue season is approaching! (Or for some, already here!) I've never understood the whole ketchup/catsup thing. Who would want to eat something that sounded like a feline's dinner? Cat = cat and sup = eat, or short for supper. Gross. So it's ketchup for me.

We don't use ketchup a ton, but they're essential for veggie hot dogs and veggie burgers. Also mostly essential for fries. I've tried the generic brands and I just don't like them at all. I used to be a Heinz girl all the way until Hunts reformulated their regular ketchup and got rid of the high fructose corn syrup. I switched, and boy, can I taste the difference! (I know Heinz has a sugar variety, but it's expensive!) But here's a weird thing: I have a total yum/gag relationship with the stuff.

I love ketchup with other food, like God intended it to be eaten. If some gets on my thumb, I'm out of food to wipe my thumb on and I'm nowhere with a napkin, I have to lick it off--then shudder with revulsion. Ketchup is so gross by itself. I still remember when I somehow got some of the dried stuff from the cap in my mouth. I almost lost my lunch. I have no idea why this happens, but it does. For cleanliness reasons in a place like the car I've been known to suck on a ketchup packet briefly before putting fries in my mouth, but I hold the sauce gingerly on my tongue and stick the fries in so I don't accidentally swallow any solitary ketchup.

Yes, I'm well aware that I'm weird. Totally conscious that as far as ketchup is concerned, I'm stark, raving mad.

Which brings us to the Great Ketchup Smackdown!

Do you prefer: Hunts or Heinz? (Or as in the BNL song "If I Had a Millon Dollars," fancy ketchups such as dijon?)


Heffalump said...

Ah, I prefer whatever brand is the cheapest, since my kids go through ketchup like it's water.
I can understand your revulsion at plain ketchup also. It's a food accent, not actual food!

Carrot Jello said...


Kazzy said...

Yeah, ketchup on its own... yuck. But I loved it on fries (no more fries for me for the rest of my life), and burgers.

Laura Best said...

Heinz of course!

Kimberly said...

I can't stand ketchup.

Except ketchup flavoured potato chips. I'm weird like that. =D

Kimberly said...

So relieved that your blog is back! Woot!

Karen said...

I'm with you, Becca! I don't care much, but we switched from Heinz to Hunts after the HFC thing.