Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Favorites: TobyMac, no Cheese

Yesterday, the kids and I drove home from my parents house, in the rain. We were about halfway through the forty minute drive when the drops slowed and finally stopped. As the sun broke through the clouds, rays bounced off the slick pavement and shone with a near-blinding light. The gray skies closed in again, and all God's creation was subdued in anticipation--the earth held her breath, waiting for another dose of radiant warmth.

My soul thrilled from the energy around me, happiness racing through and filling me to the brim. While I love the calm before the storm, there's nothing quite like the peace after the rain stops falling. Nature's art feeds the soul, I thought, while drinking in the sight of rich farmland: dark chocolate chunks with a smattering of vivid, green sprinkles.

When the sun shone through again, I laughed and pointed out cloud shadows to the children as we chased the fleeing, dark shapes up the road. I changed stations on the radio and laughed in amazement as the blessing of having the most perfect song for the moment come on. The kids and I sang along as sunshine broke through the clouds again and again.

When I experience something like this, it feels like a hug from my Heavenly Father. My spirits were greatly uplifted, and I received a much-needed boost!


She's in the kitchen! said...

Some of my best moments of wonders of nature have come when I am driving on Highway 36! Not long after you left, I saw the sun appear and all was renewed and beautiful...a perfect ending to a happy day!

Karen said...

I thought I was the only one that felt that way! A very accurate portrayal of how I feel driving on roads like that, in the Spring.