Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Favorites: I'm a Wannabe Old Softy--On My Feet

Now that spring is here, and I tossed my beloved six-year-old worn out Skechers sandals weeks ago, I have to go shopping. But before I can expose my tootsies to the world, especially if there are any secret shoe agents salespeople popping up around displays, my feet need attention. 

I don't like wearing shoes in the house, which means my dry, rough heels make the Sahara look like a tropical paradise.

The other big problem with having my feet in this condition is that I have a husband who will rub them, as long as my heels don't exfoliate his hands during the process. So, I was excited last year when he so thoughtfully gave me this:

I had doubts at first, since I don't fall for "Only on TV" products--especially when they're in the store two months later. But, I tried it. 

And was amazed.

The Ped Egg works so much better than a pumice stone; the texture of those rough rocks makes me cringe just like licking wooden popsicle sticks does. (Just typing that sent shivers galloping up my spine!) Or that weird razor slicer thingy which made me sweat every time I used it, sure I'd slip and slice off a toe. With regular Ped Egg use, my feet were massageable, and I wore sandals with pride.

So, it's that time of year to get my feet ready, and it has been way too long since I've had a foot massage. I need my Ped Egg, but there's only one problem . . .

Where did I put it?

***I have not been given any compensation for my endorsement, not even a free Ped Egg. That's a hint to the  manufacturer in case they want to send me more to "try."***


Karen said...

I've been trying to grate my heels with a dollar store one. I should just get a good one!

Kimberly said...

I've never even heard of them and after a harsh, dry winter I could certainly use one!

Kazzy said...

I have seen these. I need one pretty darn bad.

ali said...

A PedEgg, eh? I had no idea! I shall give it a try!

Laura Best said...

I love my Ped Egg. Couldn;t make it through the winter without it!