Wednesday, March 23, 2011

KiTE by Bill Shears

KiTE is the name of a sweeper, which is basically a space garbage truck, but much cooler. My trash guys don't have a laser to blast potato peelings or cantaloupe rinds to bits. . .but I'm getting off topic. Mason Dash is a pilot of KiTE, who thanks to advanced technology, spends most of his three-month flight wearing only boxer shorts and staring into space. Dash's wife, Janet, has made some--ahem--adjustments to Dash's virtual girlfriend toy, Sheila, and Sheila begins changing into something more than a visually pleasing computer program--she begins to think for herself.

Meanwhile, inside the computer, a bit of information develops enough awareness and intelligence to threaten  domination of the entire system (and is comical to watch do so), while Dash (who is ignorant of the whole thing) gets wind of something strange happening on a supposedly unmanned space station.

I thought KiTE was humorous and well-written. This is the techiest sci-fi I've ever read, which made the story a bit difficult to follow at times, but it was great fun. My favorite scenes had to do with the internal computer components becoming more intelligent, forming allegiances and verbally jousting with one another, as well as the subtle but well-placed references to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Mr. Shears writes with a flavor reminiscent of Douglas Adams, but the resulting dish is entirely his own. Quite tasty.

There was some gratuitous profanity, but I believe the words are PG-rated. Also, some readers may want to know about a scene that involves a male computer intelligence component "linking" with a female one, and though the scene wasn't overly descriptive (played for humor), it was sexual in connotation. I admit my jaw dropped a bit, but I laughed at the same time!

I enjoyed KiTE and hope to read more by talented author Bill Shears.

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Kimberly said...

That sounds quite hysterical! I'm a huge Douglas Adams fan and you have me really curious now!