Thursday, March 24, 2011

Introducing . . . a New Blog Segment!

The big announcement, the brand new segment here at I Am a Pistachio is . . .

Drumroll . . .

Friday Favorites!

Are you jumping for joy yet? No? Ah. I see. Not a fan of the subtle kinds of joy, eh? You might be surprised.

Every Friday I'm going to share one of my favorite things. It could be my favorite lotion, a band (probably not rubber), movie, a picture, experience, or something I find amazingly cool. This will help me remember why I love the things/experiences/people I do, and maybe you'll find something that's a new favorite. I'm looking forward to hearing your Friday Favorites in the comments!

Today's Friday Favorite is a smell.

Ok, I won't make you wait.

The other day I was eating a spinach salad, and to my amazement, I found a piece of clover. Curious, I gingerly tasted it, and let me tell you, I don't know what the heck cows and horses see in that vile stuff. *shudders* But when I spit the disgusting thing out, the scent of sun-warmed, cut grass rose to my nose and brought a tingle of excitement, a teensy jolt of what it feels like after the first lawn-mowing of the spring.

Spring is fickle here in the Midwest. She teases us with a mild day, and just when we're warming up to the idea--BAM! We're hit with a cold one, and I'm not talking root beer, or beer beer, for that matter. Spring is a coy flirt. However, after munching that clover, for a flash of an instant I not only smelled grass, but sunbeams danced on my skin as delicate breezes played with my hair. It's amazing what memory a simple scent can bring.

Now I'm yearning to hear the birds sing under new leaves while I lean on the deck, inhaling green air and drinking some freshly mixed lemonade.

So spring, flirt all you want, but soon you will have to settle down. We all welcome you!

***This Friday Favorite has been brought to you by a rejected clover.***


Kimberly said...

Probably not rubber. Bwahahahah! Oh I just LOVE you!

Spring is treating us much the same. Sunshine and mud one moment, frost and fog the next. But it's breaking through at last!

Cantwell Chaos said...

I love it! I love freshly cut grass too. I too am very ready for Spring. Thanks for, yet again, making me smile, and laugh!

jenheadjen said...

I want one too! Thanks for sharing! And I love your underwater breathing thing on your profile. Makes me laugh!!!

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