Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Valens-Tine Day!

For those of you who look at Valentine's Day as nothing but an excuse to party, I have the whole evening planned out! I'm going to share my list for this exciting, unforgettable experience for the low price of. . .free! That's right folks, FREE!

First up: come on, let's get our groove on with Valens. . .

Then when we're about to collapse from spinning around the living room a la whirligig, it's time for the 'tine' part:

which we can use for this. . .

this. . .

or this. . .so versatile!

Or if you're my brother-in-law, this:

Repeat sequence as many times as you like, until you fall on this:

Whoops! Go wash your eyes and come right back.

I meant this:

Or if you're single and feelin' it, this:

A couple of warnings. Don't spin around too fast or you'll end up like this:

Or hugging this:

The wonderful thing about this plan is that it's one size fits all! Now get to it and PAR-TAY!

(I'm not usually one for cat pictures, but this one was too cute to pass up.)

Happy Valens-tine Day!


Kimberly said...


You are SO hilarious!

Karen said...

HA! I love it. Scott will be pleased you remembered him. Silly fork-using-ice cream-eating fool!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

free is good! we had an awesome valentine's day party using $9. Thank you dollar store!

Gail said...

I hit the play button and my son started dancin'. I love this. I'm going to get some pie and party.

Kazzy said...

Looks like a great plan!

How are you? I have been meaning to email you and see how you have been feeling.

Helmbunch said...

I Love It!! What a fun plan. Laughed so hard, had to lay down--don't need to twirl to spin my world-- :-)

Canda said...

Oh, yes! I love the tines part.