Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Review: The Peasant Queen by Cheri Chesley

Author: Cheri Chesley
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Date Published: December 8th, 
Page Count: 256

About the Author

Cheri Chesley grew up in Phoenix, Arizona with her mother and four older brothers. She discovered her love of writing at a young age, but didn't consider it as a career choice until high school. Writing a novel in a year and ten months can do that to a person.

After marrying Bryan, her sweetheart, and becoming a stepmom to his then four-year-old daughter, Bryana, they moved to Oklahoma where they tried the quiet life and had three sons in four years. She didn't do a lot of writing during this time, but the urge never left her completely. In 2000, the family moved to Utah, where they currently reside. They had two daughters--one in 2001 and one in 2004.

In 2006, Cheri rediscovered her passion for writing and decided to start taking herself and her constantly speaking characters seriously. She enjoys the continued support of her husband and family, including extended family, across the nation. And she could never have gotten this far without a little help from her friends, too.

   Back Cover

After running away from home, Krystal is transported to a faraway kingdom where an evil tyrant is bent on taking the crown - and Krystal's hand in marriage. But when she falls in love with the rightful heir to the throne, she must make an impossible choice: sacrifice her one chance at happiness or face the destruction of an entire kingdom.

My Review

First of all, kudos to Cedar Fort on the cover. This is one of the most beautiful covers I've ever seen, and the picture doesn't do it justice!

I didn't realize this book was a fantasy when I started reading, which made me really happy when magical things began happening! Krystal, the main character, is betrothed to a dull guy she really doesn't want to marry. She leaves home, is kidnapped, and carried away to a beautiful kingdom (complete with a huge castle and a handsome, single about-to-be-crowned king) where she won't have to worry about marrying the dimwitted lout ever again. Sounds like a dream come true, right?


Krystal has, forgive the cliche, leapt through no fault of her own from the frying pan into the fire. Gregory is a deliciously disturbed, twisted man who wants Krystal for himself--and will stop at nothing to have her.

I enjoyed the political back story, which is something I don't usually care for, but it works here very well. As I read, my distaste for Gregory grew and grew, while my admiration of Krystal's courage intensified. One thing I was particularly fond of was when Krystal initiates a rescue--it's pulled off in a way that's not typical, and I found the scene very well done. I also thought the characters were pretty well defined. The contrast between their personalities was great. Gregory has more than a few screws loose and is devious enough to be extremely dangerous; I was happy on more than one occasion that I never had to see him in real life.

I was left with some questions, namely how it was that the man who was truly in love with Krystal acquired the means to discover and fall in love with her, how did those means come about, and why the way it happened didn't seem to bother her. If it had been me, I would have been a bit creeped out, but to be fair, I'm not the most beautiful peasant in the land who is used to being admired from afar. I also, being a lover of fantasy stories, wanted to know more about the magic in the land and the magical objects. Perhaps Ms. Chesley is saving that information for her sequel, which I'm looking forward to reading.

The Peasant Queen is a light, fun, uncomplicated read that made several hours fly by in an enjoyable fashion.

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Visit Cheri's website here: http://www.cherichesley.com/

*Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book for the purpose of review and was not compensated in any way for my opinions. They are my own.


Kimberly said...

Sounds like a fun read!

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thanks for the review!

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Looks like a good one! I like this type of setting.

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Aha! It must be blog tour time! Great review Debbie!

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The cover is awesome. I saw it in Borders.
Great review Debbie.

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Thanks so much, guys, but I'm not Debbie (though Debbie is awesome). I'm Rebecca. ;)

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I haven't read this yet but I ought to. =]