Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cotton Candy and the Bronte Sisters

Yesterday morning I started my goal of writing a thousand words per day.  I got up earlier than I normally do, and sat down at my laptop with a squirming one-year-old who forgot that he should still be sleeping.  I placated him by balancing him in my lap, and began to work.

The subject of cotton candy came up in those thousand words.  I tried to remember exactly how the fluffy candy tastes and feels in my mouth, and the fact that I couldn't remember bugged me to no end.  "Well, it's too bad that I can't get that stuff around here," I muttered.

Later, after James came home from work, I went grocery shopping.  (I will leave out my adventures in the hurricane-like weather we had, that included me getting soaked to the skin in five seconds flat and sloshing around Walmart in my drenched sneakers.) At the first store I went to, they had shipments of special purchases that had just come in.  My jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I saw small tubs containing mixed colors of pink and blue cotton candy (the same colors as I put in my manuscript) for a dollar each.

Never in a kazillion years had I ever thought I'd be buying cotton candy for "research".  I even *gulp* took that as a teensy bit of a sign.

I took a couple of pinches for the sake of my manuscript (sounds like I was doing snuff, huh), and the kids blissfully stuffed their faces with the rest.  Even Bean smacked his lips and screamed when I put the container away. 

No doubt they hope I'll be writing piles of doughnuts, snack cakes, and Hershey bars into my book soon. 


Now for the second part of this post:  I saw this video somewhere and got a huge laugh out of it.  This is a "commercial" that's a minute and a half long for Bronte Sisters Power Dolls.  If you ever wanted to see the beloved Bronte sisters as action heroines, here's your chance! 

My favorite part was the Brontesaurus.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Karen said...

Ew, gross. I can't believe you actually bought that stuff. Blech.
However, I love the video! HA!

She's in the kitchen! said...

That was an ingenious video! Were you perusing Youtube on a sugar high? Haha!

Kazzy said...

Cotton candy is like eating dust. Colorful sweet dust. It's not even all of that sugar that gets me- it's the weird texture.

Fun video!

Karen Hoover said...

Oh. My. Heck! That was absolutely hilarious! Thanks for sharing! (That goes for both the blog and the video. :))

Helmbunch said...

Wow, a new reason for sugar---are you writing about chocolate next? Loved the video. How do you find the time? You are amazing!!!

Debbie said...

Great video!
I'm not much of a cotton candy fan anymore but my kids sure are!

Kimberly said...

A sign! I hereby verify your cautious admitting that it might be one by shouting emphatically that it SO is!

Now email me the next chapter or I'll pull a Brontesaurus on you!

Heidi said...

I adore the way that scratchy, fluffy stuff just disolves in your mouth in an instant. Love it! Good for you for setting goals and doing what you can--even in a hurricane! Shiver!

kbrebes said...

Hi, Rebecca! I love your comments on my posts! Thank you! A thousand words a day. Wow! DREAM DATE sounds wonderful. I can't wait 'til you finish it, so I can read it! Cotton candy. Yes. That would be difficult to describe! I think Kazzy had it right, when she said "dust". C-ya!

Valerie Ipson said...

I get those signs all the time and it's fun, especially so if the result is cotton candy!