Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Of Music and Imagined Mayhem

Since my brain has been mush lately, I will entertain you by sharing a few incidents from the first half of this week.

Yesterday Princess ran through the kitchen singing "If you not like it you should not have put a ring on it."

Uh,uh,oh, oh oh oh oh--um...her parents never make up weird lyrics to songs.  *looking at the ceiling, whistling*  Nope. Oh well, maybe she'll become Feared Sal Candlewick.  Someone will eventually have to replace Weird Al.

Or she could become Dr. Norah Dressingshirt, radio show relationship counselor/book author.  So many options for girls these days.

Big breakthrough with Lion today.  Yesterday the weather was so gorgeous, yet he still didn't want to go outside since the bee-meets-bum incident of August 2009. Thanks to my mother for telling me that she found out that some people (and university extensions, even) recommend running in a zig-zag line away from bees since they prefer to fly in straight lines. (I'm guessing straight lines that are longer than zig-zag straight lines.  Do they prefer squares or rectangles to lightning representations?  Who knew?)  Anyway, he's now empowered.  He even asked to go outside after dinner.  Earlier he came in brandishing a stick, and said "A bee flew past me and I held still like this!" He held the stick up and froze in familiar Luke Skywalker lightsaber pose.

"That's great, honey!" I replied enthusiastically.  He ran back outside.

He'll face down Darth Vader, but bees?  They had him screaming and crying at every single little flying insect. So loudly, in fact, that I had to threaten him that if he didn't stop, someone would call the police.  Thanks to Grandma, now he won't end up looking ghostly like Vader from his face never seeing the sun, and I won't have to try to explain to the authorities why my child screams bloody murder if he sees a spider 20 feet away.

And little Bean.  Last night was a milestone.  He slept six hours in his crib, without interruption.  I thought I had gone to heaven, except I didn't sleep well because subconsciously I must have thought something was wrong.  But did I wake enough to check on him?  No.

Today, I took Bean outside.  I held my breath because both of his brothers, as babies, had issues with touching grass, wind in their faces, etc.  Bean loved the grass.  He sat in it and played while I hoed weeds.  He ignored his brothers who were freaking out, "Oh no, there's a bug by him!"  When Bean fell backward and was gazing up at the blue sky, all cute and peaceful-like, his brothers ran and stood behind him, blocking the sun shining from behind him, panicking, "Oh no, he's going to look at the sun and go blind!"  And again, when he put his bare, adorable foot in his mouth while laying there "Oh no, he's putting his foot in his mouth!" That one was from Lion, who couldn't imagine such an awful thing since Bean had been kicking the grass with that very foot.

Princess was helping me dig weeds out of the garden box so we could begin to prepare the soil for our garden, ignoring the craziness.  She always takes her brothers in stride.

That is pretty much how our week started.

Is it weird that I kept thinking in a cowboy drawl accent as I was writing this post?  I had a touch of Canadian accent in there too, for a moment.


Helmbunch said...

I woke up early and thought to myself "I wonder if my good friend wrote anything last night" yep--Now I can start my day laughing. Matt had a thing for bees too--in his case he was allergic which didn't help. Then the doctor told him that being afraid of bees set off a pheremone that told the bees "Here I am, come sting me" That is when he decided he was sending the wrong message to the bees. I don't know if it was true or not, but bees can fly all around him now and he just ignores them. Thank you for the laugh. Good writing, I felt as though I was out in the yard with you. Hugs!!

*MARY* said...

I was terrified of moths as a child. I thought they were going to eat all of my barbie's clothes.

I understand people being scared of bees though, bees are just such jerks.

Kimberly said...

And just think, soon you get to hear a Canadian accent in PERSON. Wheeee!

What a lovely start to the week that was, I'm so glad for you!

Karen said...

Haha! Your children are never boring! I don't know *MARY*, but her comment about moths made me seriously laugh out loud. Thankfully insect or arachnids have never induced fear in me. Things with naked tails...that's a different story. :)

Heather of the EO said...

I have a bee phobia too. I plan to implement this zig zag line thing as an experiment this summer. :)

And the cute little version of the Beyonce song cracked me up.

She's in the kitchen! said...

So glad I came across the bee information! Maybe Lion will enjoy the nice weather again.. OUTSIDE! What a breakthrough!

An Ordinary Mom said...

We lead such exciting lives :) !! But it is all worth it!

Heidi Ashworth said...

It all sounds so lovely and idyllic. I miss my newborn baby days . . .

mindyluwho said...

What a fun snapshot of your life, I so enjoyed it!