Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm Giving Birth to a Monkey

I've been terrible about posting, mostly because I haven't had anything that isn't depressing to write about. I don't like to write pity posts, they make me squirmy when they're my own. So, because everything is pretty much the same old thing, I haven't bothered. I kind of disappeared from Blogdom entirely for a long time. There have been bright spots, but I think "I should blog that" and poof, they're gone. I have no brains left, they exited my fingers. I started laughing at myself when I dropped about 5 things in 8 minutes while cleaning in the kitchen. Getting down to the floor to pick anything up is a beast. Thankfully I've perfected the art of picking up stuff with my toes.

My week goes : Non-stress test on Tuesday, Biophysical Profile (special ultrasound) on Friday, doctor's appointment after. Then anything else I'm supposed to do between. But I'm getting down to the wire, so I thought I'd post an update if anyone else is still out there. ("Hello-o-o-o-o"I think there's an echo in here!)

I really wish I could wait until this baby is ready to come on his own, but because of my diabetes I can't. Thankfully drinking tons of water helps my blood pressure (it goes up when I swell), so that's still ok for now. The nausea I can handle a few more weeks, as well as feeling like a lumbering tortoise. However, this little stinker is bound and determined to make it difficult. He's a trapeze artist already! I can picture him in there, using his umbilical cord as a swing to flip from side to side. Little monkey.

I must have a uterus the size of an elephant. Really. Otherwise how can he go from breech a couple of weeks ago, to head down the next day, to breech, to transverse head on left facing up on Tuesday, to transverse head on right facing down today at 38 weeks 1 day? He's having a grand old time at his poor mother's expense. You would think that with me having diabetes he would be big enough to not be able to do somersaults. Either I've controlled it even better than I've thought, or you could hold the Olympic swimming competitions in there.

My dr wants to do an external version on Tuesday morning, because she thinks as soon as I get some pressure down there from his head, BAM, I'll go on my own. I'm not too keen on versions because they can be risky, but she thinks it will take hardly any pressure to turn him at all. I won't need any meds or anything, just monitoring. Plus, if he doesn't turn and I go on my own it would be an automatic c-section anyway. Also, I guess it's good that he has been turning, which means there's still play in the cord and such. I think it would be different if he had been in the same place for ages. I bet he'll flip right back afterward though. He moved when I came home and lay on my bed. Maybe he'll be nice to his mama or the threat of a version will make him go head down by Tuesday.

Right now I just want to head for the hills, find a quiet cave and sob. Pregnancy hormones are pretty primal. At least I have quite a story to hold over this little guy's head when he's older! "When I was pregnant with you, I had to go through blah, blah, blah, you OWE me!" Hahaha.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I guess this really wasn't a happy post after all. I promise to do better next time! I'll end on a high note.

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