Monday, March 16, 2009

My Bed is Broken, But I Sure Smell Great!

Ok, so we broke the bed.

Or rather, I didn't, he did.

I knew something strange was happening the night I felt I was sleeping on a steep incline. Our bought-last-year bed had been sagging a bit, and I was worried that it had completely given up the ghost. We have a warranty, but I hate the thought of asking strange men to come look at my bed, so I've put off calling the store. The next day or so, I noticed that the bottom didn't seem level. I pointed it out to James, who inspected the frame and noticed that the frame itself had bent above the wheel. We bought the frame used, and have no idea how old it is but apparently there was a flaw in how the weight was distributed on top of the roller foot.

Now you need a little background information. In the mornings I stay in bed until we have prayer and James kisses me goodbye. I need all the sleep I can get before all the kids get up. I barely remember when he sat on the edge of the bed and it "clunked". That clunk was the frame giving up the ghost. I didn't remember it until he told me about it on Saturday night.

So on Saturday during the day, I went out to get a bedframe. I went to the cheapest place to find one I could think of--Goodwill. They had a very old, 50's or 60's blue frame with "QUEEN?" marked on it and the price: $25. The woman next to me was looking at a short stool. I asked her if she thought the frame looked like a queen. We got to talking, and I mentioned that the bed was broken but I didn't know exactly how it happened.

She exclaimed, "You're pregnant but you don't know how the bed broke?" I'm sure I blushed furiously. Is that the only way people think the bed breaks? Well, I have news for you, ma'am. If the bedframe is old enough, and the bed is heavy enough, it is possible to break it by sitting on it. Don't give me that "knowing look" that I can't see because I won't look at you while I stammer something that makes me look guiltier.

She offered to help me take it out to the van if the employees wouldn't, and suggested that I ask them if I could bring it back if it wasn't a queen. Good idea, so I did. They refused. There was no way I was taking a $25 chance on a frame that could possibly break as well, so I ended up going to the cheapest furniture store in town and purchasing a frame.

That night it was late and we used a wooden stepstool to prop the corner up. We kept it there last night too, since I needed to get some things moved so James could have room to put the mattress. (We have a very small bedroom and I tend to stash things in it.) Tonight while I was in the shower, James decided to surprise me and put the new frame together.

I was in desperate need of that shower. The hot water soothed my aches and felt sooo good. It was blissful! When I got out I reached for a new towel in the basket under the sink. For a moment I thought it was odd that the towel was loosely folded, not rolled. I used it anyway.

I dried myself off, then toweled my hair. The towel smelled marvelous! I don't use fabric softener (our laundry detergent doesn't require it) so I couldn't place the scent. I knew I had smelled it before, but decided since it wasn't malodorous I would just enjoy it. After all, it was probably a little soap or something that got on it since it was in the bathroom. It wasn't until I finished and went to hang it up that I saw it--strawberry seeds and some dried whitish glop. My first thought was strawberry toothpaste, but the seeds were a giveaway that it wasn't that. Then it hit me--I've smelled that on Princess' face before. Any guesses?

Strawberry yogurt.

At least she "cleaned" her face and hands without me telling her to. Maybe I could make something off this discovery. Anyone have the number for Downy fabric softener's new scents division?

James is now done assembling the frame that actually has middle supports so our bed doesn't sag. What a man! I'm exhausted and can't wait to snuggle into my supportive bed feeling fresh, clean, and smelling like a rose.

No, I guess not smelling exactly like a rose. Hopefully James doesn't mind eau de parfum in "Dannon Naturals".


LexiconLuvr said...

eau de parfum in "Dannon Naturals".

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Ok, I admit it. I'm a dirty thinking. I totally thought the same thing as that lady when I read the blog title. *blush* Sorry.

I once broke a bed. I was jumping on it (about 9 years old) with my little sister. It was one of those really old beds with the wooden frames and it snapped. At least my dad was understanding. Of course, he'd broken a bed but in the naughty way when my parents were first married. ;)

Heather of the EO said...

I thought the same thing too. More admitting going on over here. :)

But what a guy, that James. Fixing things up for you while you got all Dannon-y.

She's in the kitchen! said...

Ha haa........I wouldn't expect anything less from my darling little granddaughter. Success! She put the towel back, however yogurty!

mindyluwho said...

I was at an airport with my five children once: one in a front pack, two in strollers and two pushing the strollers--and I was pregnant. A lady had the nerve to ask me if I knew how babies are made. I just smiled sweetly and said yes, and I enjoyed the process!

So did you dream of food last night?!

An Ordinary Mom said...

At least it sounds like you are having a good attitude about everything ... I hope you sleep well ... and sweetly ... tonight :) !!

Nancy Face said...

I'm giving you that "knowing look" right now! ;)

Heidi Ashworth said...

I just hate life sometimes--the fact that our possessions need maintenance and all-too-often replacement. It just never seems to end! Meanwhile, this story makes me think of a story I read once wherein the writer was embarrassed to walk around with a pregnant belly b/c it was proof to her father that she had been ravished by her husband. These things DO happen!

Debbie said...

How funny that the woman was making fun of you not knowing how the bed broke. Great story!

Michal said...

giggle. i love the eau de parfum of dannon naturals!:)

An Ordinary Mom said...

Make sure you email me your address as soon as you can so I can get you your spring cleaning prize :) !!

Abra said...

My husband once broke our bed too. He took a running start from the hallway and jumped on the middle of it trying to surprise me... instead, the bed sank in the middle - those middle pieces break too jus' so's you know :)