Sunday, January 25, 2009

Seven Things About Me That You Never....Oh, Crud.

Hi! *waves* I didn't fall off the face of the earth. I was just sick yet AGAIN for this past week, but I'll spare you the sordid details. Trust me, you want to be spared. As a result I've chained myself and the kids to the house for the next few weeks so that our immune systems can build up some reserves.

After being gone a week (ok, over a week) I was wondering what on earth to write. I had a few thoughts, but they're too deep (or disturbing) for a "Here I am again!" post. Then I discovered that Heidi was kind enough to tag me for the "Seven Things About Me That You Never Knew" tag.

Hooray, I thought. Something to write about!

Then I promptly remembered how boring I really am.

Thankfully I have a hot--I mean wonderful husband who helped me get my brain cells running. First, I have to ban a few people. My mother and my sister Karen. There's nothing I could say that they don't know about me. There. They're officially banned from reading this post. Here goes:

1. I am thirty years old and have never flown in a commercial airplane. My boss, a dentist, took me up in a private plane when I was 18. Thinking about it, that sounds bad. Actually, he knew I'd never been in one at all, had a small plane, and asked me if I wanted to go one day when he was taking his young son up for a few turns about the countryside. I think he called it "touch and go" because we'd go up, fly in a big circle, land for a moment then go up again. It was only scary after we came down the first time and he leaned over me and reached for the door. "Your door isn't latched." Good think I didn't know about it when we were up in the air!

2. I think I have mentioned how the smell of dried ketchup grosses me out. If you think that's weird, I can't eat ketchup by itself at all. I love it on french fries or my veggie burgers, but if a drip gets on my hand after the burger's gone it almost makes me gag to lick it off. So, Rebecca + lonely ketchup = double icky ew. I would also rather my tongue get run over by a steamroller rather than eat black walnuts, blackeyed peas (dirt stew, anyone?) or okra.

3. I love to watch Food Network, especially Alton Brown. That guy is the god of all kitchen knowledge. I bow to his expertise. I also love watching house cleaning shows, where they surprise people with clean houses. I would volunteer to be on one but then everyone would know how messy my house is. Instead I have to keep chipping at it away slowly by myself. What else, lets see...nature shows on National Geographic, Animal Planet and the History Channel. I count those for school for the kids. Funny thing is that they all like watching the other shows with me too. I've been watching more lately since I've been stuck on the couch. At least they inspire me--well, the cooking and cleaning ones do. I think the animal ones inspire the kids.

4. I've lived in New York, (was born there) South Carolina, Florida, Maryland, West Virginia, Missouri, and Utah. Never been further west than Utah. I miss the east coast. We left it when I was eleven, but I really miss the beauty of the seasons. In West Virginia, we lived in Great Cacapon, this little tiny town. To get to it you would take the 'scenic route' which consisted of a scary road on a mountain. From the scenic point (an actual stopping place) you could see Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland all at once. It was so beautiful there. *sniff*

5. Without my glasses or contacts, I'm way past legally blind. Which isn't actually legally blind at all, since it's correctable, but it helps people understand how absolutely dire my condition is. My mother used to think it great fun to make faces at me when I wasn't wearing my glasses. She would say "What am I doing now?" and I would say, "I think you're sticking out your tongue because I can see something coming out of your face." We were easily entertained. Oh, and I also had a hole in my retina when I was seventeen. The doctor fixed it with a laser and it really hurt. Afterwards I told him it had hurt. Surprised, he said "Really? It must have been close to a nerve." Some nerve that was. He was a great doctor though, did such a great job there's nearly no scar tissue there.

6. I took dance when I was four years old and loved it so, so much. We couldn't afford to continue, but I always wanted to dance. When I was a teenager and single adult I learned all I could and danced as much at the dances as I could. Ballroom dance was my favorite. I used to teach the guys I danced with to swing dance. I used to beg those who came back from taking dance at BYU to teach me some moves. Someday I'm going to take classes. James has promised to take ballroom with me when our kids are older and we can leave Professor home in charge. A few more years and hooray, free babysitting!

7. I'm on a roll now, only seven? Ok. How about this. My first, biggest crush ever was on Doogie Howser. Remember that show about the teenage prodigy/doctor? I loved him so much that it hurt! I hated, HATED his girlfriend Wanda and was full of angst that he would even go for a girl like her who wasn't worthy to wash his scrubs. Then I hated myself for feeling so much emotion over a character that wasn't even real. But I couldn't stop. I couldn't help it! Doogie was cute and waaay smart. Goes to show that even at eleven years old I had a thing for good-looking, super intelligent guys. Then I look at James and say "Who's Doogie? Oh yeah. I married him." Except James is way better looking and fixes computers instead of people. We don't require many surgeries around here, so I'm glad he fixes computers. Ours is always running top notch.

I'm guessing that I'm supposed to tag seven people? goes. I don't remember who's been tagged for this or not, so if you already have, time to think of seven more things!


L.T. (Hee hee, you had to know this was coming!)


Kimberly (who never did the last one I tagged her with so she owes me, *evil cackle*)


Karen (who doesn't owe me because I just remembered that I forgot to do her tag months ago, but it would be fun to see her answers. Also, I know she'll read this even though she was banned from the post. Consider this punishment, dear sister!)

Nancy Face



Whoops! Is that more than seven? Oh well.


LexiconLuvr said...

Hey! The General fixes compys too!
Tagged? Like wild life tagged? I suppose there are some people who think I bear a certain similarity to a wild african animal. J/K

I love swing dance too! And I'm legally blind too! (But instead of a hole in the retina, I sliced open my cornea with my contacts. And I have the scar tissue there. *sigh* But dude! We're twinners!)

OK--I'm off to think up 7 things about myself. 'Cause I'm just vain that way. ;)

Jeni said...

...and James isn't gay, so that's a huge bonus! (I guess Doogie wasn't either, but the guy who plays him is.)

Here's a link to the beautiful view you spoke of. I thought you may like to see it again, even if it is just a picture. It's my favorite spot in the county. You can see your little town on the top left. I still think it's wild that we met in UT as kids and here I am living a few miles from your old home in WV.

Karen said...

Consider me punished. :D
I'll have to think of some really good things, since I just did 20 random things on Facebook. Hmmmm....

InTheFastLane said...

I don't mind ketchup on fries, but I REALLY hate the smell of it. It is one of the things that keeps me out of the cafeteria at my school.. Blech!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Also legally blind, also love Clean House and other shows like it, also hate ketchup (even on my fries and hamburger) and have never been east of Ohio and that didn't happen until I was 44 (well, except for my trip to England). This was fun! Thanks for doing it! Hope you are done being sick for the season.

Kimberly said...

I love how similar and different we are at the same time. =)

I don't often do memes but maybe...for you...

...and because I can't think what to write about today...

Annette Lyon said...

Fun meme! Thanks for the tag.

My hubby used to be scary blind too--and he's a computer programmer. Sorta needs his eyes. We got him lasik. Now he can see great w/out glasses. Yay technology!

Kimberly said...

I just did the meme! Mwah!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Wow, I can't believe you have never been to the west coast ... the place I have lived most of my life!?!

And, I, too love to ballroom dance. Now the key is to convince my husband to take classes with me ... in all our spare time ... maybe we will wait to the little ones are a little older :) !!

Homesteading said...

L.T sent me your way. Glad she did!

She's in the kitchen! said...

What a walk down Memory Lane! I forgot most of these things..brings me back to some happy times.....

Nancy Face said...

You got me! I didn't know any of that stuff! :)

Thanks for the tag! I'm REEAALLLY bad about not doing tags these days...I still have a few in my drafts from last summer! Oops! :0

charrette said...

When I read who you tagged I thought, Doesn't she know? Kim doesn't DO memes? And yet she's done TWO in as many weeks. Glad you worked your magic on was a fun read. As was yours.

Jen said...

Thanks for the tag! It was fun to read more about you.

Michal said...

that was so fun to read--and then to get tagged, too? yay! i love a good meme.

alton brown is my favorite food network chef. followed closely by ina garten. i know, they are completely different in style, look, and temperament, but i love them for different reasons. and i could watch the planet earth series over and over until my brain rots.

i can't believe you've never been west of utah! you really need to come to california. really.