Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why Every Household Needs Doctor's Latex Gloves

I was on the phone with my mom this morning, when the air was suddenly filled with gut-wrenching crying. Not just any crying, mind you--the kind that makes a mother run at top speed because she's sure she'll find broken bones or massive amounts of blood.

The sounds of tragedy were coming from the bathroom. I flung open the door, heart in my throat.

Princess was screaming about something that I couldn't make out. Lion was standing next to the open toilet yelling "MOM," --insert Princess' wails, drowning out Lion's words--"toy fell" --more wailing as Lion pointed to the toilet, his words still undecipherable--

You can guess what happened.

I walked over to the bowl and discovered the source of despair.

A fake, plastic tortilla chip was floating directly over--well, let me just say that although it looked like a pile of refried beans, it most assuredly was not.

It was at this moment I thankfully remembered the box of professional disposable latex gloves we keep on hand for such an emergency. They also come in handy when cleaning up dog vomit, poop, blood, and worst of all--dead bugs. Those make me gag.

I reassured my darling Princess that all would be well as I donned the ill-fated glove. Her cries calmed as I fished it out while holding my breath. Using the last bit of Fantastik I sprayed that thing thoroughly and left it in the sink to soak. After about 10 minutes, and a quick but thorough rinse of soap and water, it was good as new.

Don't ask me why she was in the bathroom playing with toys when Lion had been going potty, I'll never know the answer. I tell them to leave each other alone in the bathroom and shut the door, but I catch them disobeying pretty often.

Hopefully the "tortilla chip incident" has made a lasting impression. One can always hope!


Kimberly said...

Oh there's nothing quite like thinking someone is dying and finding it's just a silly thing like that. Oi!

Mama Zen said...


Jeni said...

Thanks for the delectable visual. I don't think I will ever be able to eat chips and beans again! No really, thank you. I'm not supposed to eat that stuff. I think I'm cured of any such cravings!