Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Budding Phlebotomist

I know that I just posted about body fluids. I know that it grosses some people out. The waste disposal system of the body grosses me out too. But, that's my life. I face these things every day, so if you don't, count yourself lucky. However, if you get woozy from reading about needles and blood, don't read this post. If you do, I won't be held responsible when your spouse or kids come in to find you sprawled across your computer with melted chocolate between your face and the keyboard.

Princess is three years old. She is a very curious child. She can be as dainty and girlish as can be one minute, dressed up in a pink and gold costume, then scream and yell her displeasure while charging an older brother to give the full effect of her wrath physically.

She's a brave little girl. I didn't realize how her curious nature could overcome her fears until this week.

Since I've been home from the hospital, I've had to go to a local lab and have my blood drawn twice. The first time the boys stayed in the waiting room playing a handheld game, while she came back with me. She watched with big eyes as the phlebotomist took the sample from my arm. Her eyes grew to the size of saucers when the phlebotomist took the vial, stuck it in front of her, and said "Here, do you want to hold it?" Princess' eyes remained frozen open, as wide as they could go. She sat there silent, looking from me to the phlebotomist. Finally, she shook her head 'no', slowly.

Fast forward to the second time. Before we left the house, I told Lion and Princess, who were coming with me, that I had to get blood drawn again. Princess declared, "I want to hold it."

"The blood?"


"Ok." I was a little surprised, but not completely.

We got to the office and Lion decided he didn't want to see anything. He stayed in the waiting room. Princess walked back to the 'drawing room' (haha, I kill myself!) and climbed up into the chair. She watched as the needle went in, and when I jumped asked "Did it hurt?"

"Not much. Just a pinch. Do you want to hold it?"

She nodded.

The phlebotomist, who has kids of her own, handed the vial to Princess. I thought she might freak out when the phlebotomist said, "It's warm."

She didn't.

She looked fascinated. She studied it for a bit, then handed it back. I was impressed at how all matter-of-fact she was about it.

She may be an odd apple, but she obviously doesn't fall far from the mother tree. After all, I did work for a dentist, briefly in home health care, and I like to watch surgical operations on tv shows. Yep, even if they gross me out. James has turned from the computer when one of those shows was on, looked and said "Ugh! How can you watch that stuff?"

I know I'm weird. It's just interesting to me how the body works. Such a grand design!

Yep, Princess is definitely her mother's daughter.


NoSurfGirl said...

oh, oh! I could never. ever. watch those shows, lol.

But my little two-year old sounds a lot like your three-year old. Maybe they should be friends and go skydiving together someday.

Kimberly said...

How neat that in the midst of all the scary health stuff something like this can make you smile!

Phogles said...

See, I'm with you. I think it's cool to know about the body, and treat its functions (and malfunctinos) as matter-of-factly as possible. It beats the pants off of being uninformed and paranoid everytime something seems different, or worse!

mindyluwho said...

If it came to real life, I'm not so sure I'd be cut out to be a surgeon, but I LOVE watching the shows on TV!