Sunday, December 7, 2008

Beware of Giant Blue (and Green) Bees

I had another weird dream last night.

I forget what happened first.

All I remember is that there was a really weird, big bee trying to sting people. It was big and fat, fatter than a bumblebee. It was also blue, maybe with some green.

I wonder what the colors mean? The other dream I had including an animal with blue and green was a snake that bit me. Strange.

Anyway, this bee didn't fly like normal bees. It moved in a straight line without any buzzing. It didn't curve at all in flight, just made right angle turns. It would head toward someone and when they would brush at it it turned to another direction.

I went inside a screened porch to get away from it. In real life (and this is true) I'm allergic to sweat bees, those little tiny black and yellow striped bees. I didn't want a chance to find out if I was allergic to blue and green giant bees.

Someone had a screen window open, and while I was trying to get it shut the bee flew through. I felt resigned as it flew toward me. It lightly stung me on my arm as I brushed at it with my other hand. The bee exploded, dry like it had been dead for years.

My extremities started tingling. I started having trouble breathing and ran to the hospital next door.

They didn't seem too concerned. After a while I started breathing better on my own. I was mad as h-e-double hockey sticks at the emergency room personnel. If I had been any more allergic I could have died right in front of them. All the admitting nurse asked was "Do you have a problem with post-traumatic stress?" She was trying to find a nice way of asking if I was a hypochondriac, because this was the third time I had been there in in two weeks. Once when I was being diagnosed with diabetes, once when I thought I was losing the baby, and this time with the bee.

The rest of my life is stressful enough at this point. If I see a giant, blue and green, right-angle flying bee, I'm heading for the hills.

The End.


Kimberly said...

Good grief! As if real life isn't stressful enough!

Nancy Face said...


I don't usually remember my crazy dreams in detail like you do. Very cool! ;)