Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Musical Me

You can tell a lot about a person from their music choices. So, for some unknown reason I'm going to bare my soul by sharing some of my current favorite music artists.

The first one is definitely an artist. Her name is Regina Spektor. You can tell she's Russian, which adds an adorable quality to her voice. This is my favorite music video.


Regina is one of my new favorites. I want her newest cd so badly! It's called "Beginning to Hope" and is the yellow cover extended version, in case anyone wants to send me Christmas presents. Why do I need the extended version, you ask? Because it has this song:


Regina makes art out of her music. To me this song means that she compares life to a musicbox, mundane. And then she tries to break out and do something completely different, but at the end finds that she's still in the musicbox although her quirkiness (soap bubbles) is still trying to get out. Very cool song.

These next guys are the Christian group Newsboys. I discovered them when I found out they sing the "Belly of the Whale" song in the Veggie Tales "Jonah" movie. They're so much more than that, though. Here are a couple of my favorite songs by them.

This first one is beyond awesome. The music video is really neat and has a lot of depth to it.

"Million Pieces"

Here's a really fun one, I think it's hilarious. This is not a Newsboys video, some guys made this up using their song. I love it!

"Breakfast in Hell"

Next up is the brilliant KT Tunstall. I swear, she could sing the alphabet and make it sound great! I've been a fan of hers since I first heard "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" in TJ Maxx, danced in the aisles, and remembered enough to rush home to look up the lyrics to find out who she was. This was just as she was first starting to be played on the radio. A month or so later that song was everywhere!

First, a really neat music video. This one makes me think of her going through all different music styles (notice the ones that remind me of Jennifer Lopez and Jewel?) before realizing she likes where she is.

"Hold On"

Then another one. I love this song.

"Saving my Face"

Next up from KT is one of the best covers of a song that I've ever heard. I wish she'd put this one on one of her cds. Another cool thing about this is you can see how much of her music she plays herself. She has a recorder thingy that you see her stepping on to loop various parts she plays.

"I Want You Back"

Last, but not least, is *cue girlish screaming* Michael Buble! I've posted about him before, (When I went to his concert, jealous?)but here is a song that just...ah...melts me. I debated about posting this because I know that the song is a little...you know. No swearing or graphic anything, but a wee bit sensual. Of course I could make that argument for anything he sings, even if it's about a toaster oven. (No, he doesn't really have a toaster oven song.) At the risk of getting my good girl reputation revoked, herrreeee's Michael!

"I'm Your Man"

I think I'll end this on that note.
So now you all know a little more about me. If there was any doubt about my weirdness, there isn't now. Of course I have even more favorites than these, but I'll keep those until later. I thought They Might be Giants and Weird Al might be a little over the top today. I'm saving Mozart, Bach and Beethoven for a Sunday post!

Have fun going through the day with "Musicbox" stuck in your head. Meanwhile, I'm going to scroll up to the last one and click play a few more dozen times!


*MARY* said...

Those are a lot better than the songs I listen to; Silly Songs With Larry from Veggietales.

mindyluwho said...

Wow, lots of stuff to listen to! I love finding out about new artists. You are the one who turned me into a Michael Buble fan! I'm going to have to come back when I have more time to listen! Also, I have YouTube blocked so I can't even see anything right now (many nasty things on YouTube that kids just should not see!)

Also, just wanted to comment on your last comment on my blog. I can't remember the exact quote and even who said it, but it was a prophet and he said something to the effect that when we face the Lord, it won't matter who we voted for, what will matter is if we exercised our liberty, that was so hard fought for, to vote. I've also voted my conscience when I knew that it was throwing away the vote, so I commend you!

Karen said...

I like Regina Spektor too. Wasn't one of her songs on Grey's Anatomy? I think that might have been where I heard it first. "Musicbox" is weird.
Maybe I'll do a post with MY favs!

She's in the kitchen! said...

Thanks for all the choices of music to listen to! I only listened to Regina so far...she has such an on-key, strong, purposeful voice, combined with a whisper...very interesting! Thanks for sharing all of these, I look forward to hearing them all. And, believe me, they all will sound better than what I occasionally hear coming from the computer when your brother plays his music!

Kizzie said...

I've never even heard of Regina Spektor, but I'm a fan now. Thanks for sharing, that was fun!!

Bee Repartee said...

We are music soulmates!

Love Buble'. His Christmas album is outstanding.

I've seen KT Tunstall in concert and she gives a heck of a show. One of my favorite songs of hers is "Throw Me A Rope". It's a beautiful slow song, but she rocks my socks, for sure.

I've been listening to Newsboys since hubby introduced me while we were dating 15 years ago. Not *the* Newsboys, just their music.

Regina Spektor is LOVERLY.

Bach's Passacaglia and Fugue was the first classical song I ever fell in love with..at age 7.

I told you, we are music soulmates. :)

Jen said...

Wow, these are great!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Thank you for posting that first video. I've been in love with that song ever since I first heard it on the radio and didn't know its title or the artist.

No Cool Story said...

This post is so awesome.

I didn't know Regina was Russian. I love Newsboys. You heard "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" in TJ Maxx, that's hilarious.
Michael Buble. YESSSSSS.

No Cool Story said...

Sorry I haven't answered or even commented on all your super sweet comments (secret: I just get too many too answer...lame I know, sorry).
But I do treasure all of them and every single one individually :)
Thanks for reading all my Silly Saturdays and suporting the goofiness that's MoreCowbell.

My addy is mascowbell---at--gmail