Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tooth of Wisdom

Oh tooth, fraught with wisdom!

Thou hast been with me many a year. Thou hast given me pain, with which thou has taught wisdom.

Not much pain, perhaps mostly when gnawing on a teething carrot. The wisdom I have obtained is that for adult teething, chilled carrots are delightful.

Thou art my last holdout. I forsee that I shall not miss thee. Why, doth thou ask? Because I have freakish dislike of all things uneven. Thou art the uneven-ness maker in my mouth.

Please do not make it harsh for me. I have a Sharing Time for the children on the Sabbath, and a Song to sing in a trio of praiseful worship in front of many people on that same day.

At roughly 3 o'clock we shall part ways. Please make this a hurried leaving. Do not cling to me. It shall be better for us both.

I shall never forget thee from the first I felt you swelling underneath my skin, to the first sharp points that marred the carrot.

Farewell, O wisdomus tooth.


She's in the kitchen! said...

I almost missed this one. Forsooth, gone tooth! Thanks for making me laugh before retiring!

mindyluwho said...


No Cool Story said...

Yikes! how did it go?
You brave woman.

Kimberly said...

Hee're such a hoot! Hope the recovery is quick!