Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks Today

First, I want to thank all of you for your prayers and well wishes! They mean so, so much to me. You have helped to sustain me and make me feel like my spirit has been hugged. It's a safe, warm, wonderful feeling.

There's so much that I am thankful for.

I'm thankful for my family. For my best friend, my husband. For my children. Each one is so unique.

I'm thankful for my parents, sisters and brother.

I'm thankful for the smell of pumpkin, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon warmed all together.

I'm thankful that Princess tried to help me by folding laundry this morning.

I'm thankful that I'm feeling better today than I was yesterday.

I'm thankful for Bugaboo's smile as he proclaimed over and over that Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday. (It's because of the food.)

I'm thankful for the laugh Princess gave me when she found out that Bugaboo was in the bathroom and she had to go. She told me, "I guess Bugaboo didn't know that it's ladies first." So funny coming from a three-year-old!

I'm thankful for Professor helping to take care of his brother and sister so much lately. He makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich in the sandwich maker.

I'm thankful for the Relief Society president who called this morning to offer to send a child or two over to help me cook Thanksgiving dinner. It was so thoughtful and sweet. I had bought pie and rolls, so I didn't need extra help, but it was so kind of her to offer.

I'm thankful for my golden tablecloth that matches the beautiful fall silk flower arrangement that a friend made me for helping with her daughter's wedding. It's so beautiful, and the look on the children's faces when they saw the table was priceless.

I'm thankful that I enjoy cooking. Even when I'm tired, it's therapeutic. Making food for my family with my own hands is such a loving act for me. So basic, the nourishing of loved ones, but so fulfilling.

I'm thankful for the sounds my children make as they're eating when they love their food, especially when it's made up songs that they hum.

I'm thankful for the insulin that I take so that I can eat without hurting myself or the baby inside me.

I'm thankful for James. He is so supportive and I love him now and forever.

I'm thankful for the occasional ligament pain that means my baby is growing. Whether this baby is meant to be with our family now or not, every day I'm thankful for it. It doesn't matter that it's only the size of a sesame seed now. (I actually showed Bugaboo and Princess a sesame seed, telling them that's how big the baby was. After the explanation I didn't think twice about popping the seed in my mouth, but the two of them looked shocked. Princess' eyes were big and she looked slightly horrified. Should have thought twice about eating it!)

I'm thankful I found out that I have diabetes. Knowing why I've been tired and had a difficult time losing weight is the first step to getting healthy.

I'm thankful for my dog. He misses me when I'm gone, and is so thankful for every little kindness I bestow on him. I need to give him more little kindnesses. I also need to bathe him so I don't cringe when I pet him. He needs love too.

I'm thankful for the internet and my computer. I would be lost without them.

I'm thankful for warm water from the tap, bathtubs, and indoor toilets. Seriously, I do think about that stuff.

I'm thankful for Thanksgiving. I love this holiday. It gives me a reason to think all day long about what I'm thankful for, and I have so, so much.


Jeni said...

You are a wonderful example... I enjoyed reading that. It reminded me of the things I am thankful for that I sometimes take for granted.

Karen said...

Yes, we all are blessed to have such blessings in our lives! And it is easy to think about indoor plumbing and bath tubs when you haven't had them before! I am thankful for that almost every day!

Kimberly said...

What a beautiful list! Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend!

Phogles said...

hahah! I can just see your kids as you popped that sesame seed into your mouth! Kids are great.