Saturday, November 29, 2008


Before I begin this, I am changing one of my children's names. Not in real life, that would be too confusing to him. Plus, I like his name. We knew not long after we found out we were expecting that his name would be....HA! You thought I'd slip, didn't you?

Bugaboo doesn't quite fit my six-year-old son anymore. We've been calling him "Lion", so that's what he'll be here too. It's quite appropriate, considering he roars any time things are not to his satisfaction. He loves it though, so it's a quite fitting term of endearment. I say "I love you (insert real name here) lion" and he says "I love you Mommy lion".

Tonight we were reading scriptures together as a family before bed. All was lovely and spiritual until Princess, who was on the floor with Lion by my feet where I couldn't see, started crying. The gist of the situation was that she had swiped at him, so he hurt her. I scolded her while James spoke to Lion.

"Are you a boy?"


"Are you bigger than her?"


"Under no circumstances should you ever hurt your sister, period."

Professor spoke up. "I didn't think little girls had periods."

James and I looked at each other and started cracking up. Lion, still on the floor, was quizzical.

"Pyramids? Pyramids? Like Mario and Luigi?"

I believe I told him yes.

You'd think we let that boy play video games all the time with as much as he's obsessed with them.

We don't, by the way. We use all four kids games that we own as reward and punishment, mostly. "You play that video game until you're blue in the face, that'll teach you!"

Just kidding. Well, maybe.

No, for real. Just kidding.


Kizzie said...

That's hilarious Becca!!
Also, I think it's really cute you have blog names for your kids. So smart.

The felt food is two layers of felt sewed together and I stuffed the cookies, eggs and pancakes with felt scraps. I just cut it into thin strips, and then I didn't have to waste all the felt and it saved me from using batting.
Anyway, it was way easy and fun. I want to do more, it's kind of addicting. Having kids is so fun....I get to play with all sorts of fun things!! :)

She's in the kitchen! said...

Hahaha! Those are my grandchildren! They never cease to amaze and shock....thanks for sharing another laughable moment!


Well then, I shall now call my recently turned 7 year old son "Huff&Puff" because whenever i ask him to do something or to help or to finish his homework he chooses instead to huff&puff. (he's not strong enough to huff&puff AND blow the house down, thankfully)

Kimberly said...

Bwahahahahah! What a hoot!