Friday, June 20, 2008

THAT'S why I feel mechanical!

I've been so busy with life, that I haven't blogged. I feel guilty because I so enjoyed all the comments and visits on my last post. I didn't actually move away forever. I did purchase curtains to cover my Freudian blinds, but they're not up yet. They're still in the van. However, the tree in the front yard finally has lots of leaves, I have bedside lamps, and they get turned off.

I started working more on my book again, now I have a few chapters. Got another idea, started another book. Then I went to singing again. I missed writing on this blog too much, so I came back. My friend tagged me for a meme, and I'll do that soon. Do I have ADD, or am I just part dog? "Here's some dirt...sniff, sniff...yep, that smells good. What's that worm do--I hear a bunny! Run, run...wait--was that dinner burning? Lope, lope, lope--sunny patch of cement...must lie dow--cat...nemesis...CHASE!" Yep, must be part dog. Although, Bugaboo has another idea.

Tonight, dinner was a little unconventional because I didn't cook or eat it. James made some vegetarian hot dogs for himself and the kids, as I was not hungry. I actually went to Olive Garden for the first time in 11 years with a group of women for a birthday party. Pasta, chocolate cake, great friends, my sister there, it was good. I was stuffed. I at this point, was paying homage to the dishwasher with gifts of dirtiness, James and the boys were eating, and Princess was naked and kept peeking around the corner then running back to her room. There was a pleasant feeling in the air, everybody home and happy on a Friday night, no fighting, just warm coziness. (I just realized that having feelings of pleasantness with a naked, dirty daughter running around and a mysteriously wet couch may mean I'm in la-la land, but stay with me.)

James got a bottle of grape juice out of the refrigerator that was almost empty. Being the considerate man that he is, he decided to spare a clean glass the horrors of being dirtied and was about to swig it down. At about him using a glass, he let me know that he was saving one. My response was swift, direct, and to the point. Using my no-nonsense voice that I rarely employ with my husband I stated: "I'd rather a glass be dirtied than have a big mess on the floor the next time a son wants to emulate his daddy". The point was taken, he used a glass.

Professor was a little disturbed by this. He commented, slightly upset and irritated, that "You don't control everyone. You control me, Bugaboo and Princess, but you don't control Daddy." We proceeded to have a family discussion on how my request wasn't controlling Daddy, but I made it respectfully and Daddy listened to me because he loves me and respects what I asked. I said, "When Daddy says 'I'm telling you this as your best friend and as your husband because I love you,' I listen to him." Then Bugaboo mischievously piped up, referring to me: "And she's a robot!"

I have no idea where he got that, but his eyes twinkled and he had this adorable smirk as he said it. I doubled over onto the sink, laughing like crazy. Am I automated? Possibly. Do I make jerky movements? Often. Just several weeks ago I bent my glasses by walking into a door frame. Hopefully I'm more than a mechanical excuse for a mother.

And that, my friends who are still here, is where I've been. Doing a ton and accomplishing next to nil. A real robot would have done better. However, I am at this moment, happy.


Kimberly said...

I'm so glad you're focusing some time on your many talents, but I'm so glad you posted as well, 'cause I've missed you hugely!

mindyluwho said...

Oh, do I know about that ADD stuff! Too many things and no ability to focus on one thing until finished is what my life is like.

I was so happy to see a post, I've missed you!

Michal said...

i've been thinking about you and wondering if all was well. i'm glad to hear that you've just been busy with other things. your analogy of yourself and a dog was hysterical because i can really relate. i am so easily distracted. oh well.

Mamita said...

and i thought being a dog was supposed to be a bad thing. funny post and it's good to have you back again.