Friday, April 18, 2008

"Who's Googling Now?"

I've waited so long to do this that I have quite a bunch. I may save part of my heavy list for later. It's amazing what some people Google these days, and that they ended up at my blog looking!

Michael Buble Gee, I wonder why you would find him on my blog?

Buble_16 Wishful thinking, little teenage girl. He's 32. Same as my dreamy husband.

blogfever I'm sorry you're coming down with that. I had it, got well, and I think it's coming back.

i'm a victim of circumstance fast foods got a hold on me and I don't stand a chance I hate to tell you, but unless that burger has tied you up and thrown you in a trunk face down in a pile of french fries where you have to chew in order to breathe, you're not a victim of circumstance. It just feels that way.

"A little mouse with clogs on" gift Whaaaat? I certainly hope you aren't a guy looking for an anniversary gift. She may not stop screaming from her precarious position on top of the refrigerator to notice the cuteness of the clogs, even if the mouse could dance. Buddy, you'll need to do better than that.

fast food lyrics kidsongs I sincerely hope you're not teaching that song to your kids.

Pistachio Opening Line. Again, whaaaat? Ok, let's see if I can help you out.... "Well, I was walking along the sidewalk yesterday waving my arms and flapping like a bird, and this guy calls out 'Hey dude! You're a nut!' Get it? A nut!.....Because I am a pistachio? Aww, heck."

flat volcano cakes pictures I have yet to see a flat volcano cake. I made a cool one out of a bundt cake. Maybe you should try that. Unless you're looking for one where someone sat on a volcano cake and made it that case, send the pictures my way. Laughing at someone else's mishaps takes the edge off of my own.

LDS RS BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION I like birthday celebrations, especially if it's for all the women of my church at once. Hint for the next one? There really, REALLY should be cake. Chocolate cake, or vanilla with raspberry filling. Buttercream or cream cheese icing, please. Not the stuff that's just sugar mixed with some shortening. No flat volcano cakes, please.

fast food's got a hold on me lyrics kid songs Ok, I know two other people you should get together with. You can have an old Kidsongs convention. Kidsongs can be playing continuously as you dance and frolic in theme parks, railways, barnyards, and construction sites. Just make sure you get a black and white dog to represent Bingo.

mormon vegetarian If you're one, nice to meet you! If you were looking to see what one looks like, you're probably disappointed. I don't fit the stereotype. I'm rather...zaftig, to put it mildly.

I love to pee my pull ups Your mother works tirelessly cleaning up after you, yet you broadcast your peeing pride to the world? SHAME ON YOU!!!!

"fast food's got a hold on me" It's no wonder our nation has a problem. So many of you are admitting it! At least you're taking the first step.

mother superhuman strength This one is intriguing. Are you a mother of superhuman strength? If so, please share your secrets. Are you a man declaring the obvious? Good for you. If this is a general declaration for the good of all mankind, I applaud you. It's about time we mothers are recognized for the superhumans we are. Superhuman...great. Now visions of hairy gorilla-like monsters come to mind. Right now I have the hairy legs part down. I need to cover them up...where did I put that cape? Whoops, forgot. "NO CAPES!" (If you haven't seen the Incredibles, you won't get that reference.)

piano music for "I'm still here" Thanks for the vote of confidence, but it was only a blog post. I didn't write a song about it. I'm glad you were so deeply moved by my words, and if you're wanting to write music to go with it, I'm sure we can work out an arrangement. You can pay me either in bazillons of dollars, or chocolate. Actually, a mixture of both would be best.

That's it for this edition of "Who's Googling Now?" See you next time for more wild and wacky searches!


Kimberly said...

Bwahahahah! I just laughed out loud over this - thanks for the giggles!

Transplante de Cabelo said...

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mindyluwho said...

I think you got spammed...

Hilarious! I've looked at mine and they aren't near as interesting as yours.

I'm with you on the buttercream or cream cheese frosting, none of that fake shortening stuff for me!


What about a Pistachio Pickup Line instead?

"Hey baby, I'm looking for someone to break me out of my shell."

Michal said...

ugh. why do people even bother with those yucky shortening cakes? cake should be worth the calories and should involve plentiful amounts of CREAM, be it butterCREAM, CREAM cheese, whippedCREAM, or chocolate ganache (which is just chocolate and CREAM, after all.) but enough of my ranting. this post (and the searches) was hilarious.

Nancy Face said...

Funny stuff! :)

No Cool Story said...

"little mouse with clogs"

Awwww. I actually want to see that!
Makes you wonder what people are up to.