Thursday, April 17, 2008

Of Pictures...and Michael.

I've felt guilty that I haven't written much lately. Yes, my life is full. However, I feel bad because I haven't gotten those pictures up of Professor's play, or talked about my Michael Buble concert experience. That stands in the way of my other, probably better thoughts.

The reason for the first? It's because I forget how to plug the camera into the computer. So, so sad, I know. The second? Because it's so sacred and special to me, the fulfillment of dreaming about a Michael Buble concert all my life even before I knew he existed. Normal, everyday life pales in comparison to being in my husband's arms, swaying to Michael's dulcet tones.

So, if I haven't already said it, the concert was divine. I can't wait to go to his next one. Even though we were far from the stage, there was no bad seat in the Sprint Center. It still felt more like an intimate setting, no small feat with a crowd of 12,000. It was Michael's biggest concert yet. A reviewer said that Michael had tears in his eyes when he walked off of the stage. He was so humble, thanking us for spending our time and hard-earned money on him.

Remember how I said I wouldn't hold myself responsible for screaming? Well, I don't. As soon as Michael walked out during the opening notes of "I'm Your Man" I couldn't refrain from being one of those silly girls who jump up and down, screaming in excitement. Normally, in public, I'm quite ladylike. Not so that night! James just laughed at me and shook his head.

Yes, it was a night to remember. I discovered something that I already knew, that Michael and I sound good singing together. I hope the people around me thought so too. Just kidding. It was so loud that they couldn't have heard me. I kept hoping a spotlight would appear and I would be escorted to the stage where I could harmonize to "Save the Last Dance for Me" with him. Alas, it was not to be.

I'd like to see another concert top that one. And Mamita, no, I did not run off with him. I have a love for Michael Buble, comprised only of his voice, smile and humor. Well, he's good-looking too. I also have a love for James, but it's deeper, complex, and only partly comprised of his voice, smile, humor, and devastatingly good looks. (The man can SING!) Not to mention that he can fix any computer problem that we have. Not to mention that he's my best friend. Michael Buble is one in a million, but James is one in forever.


seven said...

I always hope they'll want me to sing on stage too! What is that? I thought I was the only one who dreamed about that.

Kimberly said...

Oh how lovely! I've heard your voice so I can well imagine how perfectly matched you and Michael would be...

..ahem...vocally, that is.

Anonymous said...

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mindyluwho said...

I think if Michael ever heard your voice you'd be up on stage with him in a heartbeat. Speaking of which...when do we get to hear another song from you?

Rebecca said...

seven--Glad to know I'm not the only one!

kimberly--You're too kind!

amiable--I can't decide if you're real or not. Couldn't find a profile.

mindy--Aww, you flatter me! Thank you for indulging my fantasy! I don't know when I'll be posting another song, but since you asked...maybe sooner than later. We gave our downstairs computer to my parents, so I can't sing anything new, but I could bring out some old ones, maybe.

Michal said...

i love the image of you jumping up and down and screaming like a "silly girl." sometimes we just have to be one of those people so that we can understand them!:) it's nice to have someone that brings that out in you. and you are so lucky to have your "one in forever."

Mamita said...

I don't know who this Michael singer is, but he sounds dreamy. And you crack me up! You remind me of the cheesy 60's movies where the girl dreams of her spotlight with the famous dude...but it's in a bubble dream or something like that. So funny!