Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"It's Like Raaaaaiiiiin on Your Wedding Day..."

I'm wondering how many of you got the subject line. The ironic thing is that many things in that song aren't, but I still like the song. Well, only except that I have to yell "WHOOOOOOOLE life" to drown out the swearing. This post however, is not about Alanis or her angst. It is quite serious. First, some background information.

Princess has been nicknamed such because of her love of all things princess, pink, frilly and as I just found out recently, hearts. She makes up little...plays or skits or whatever with Bugaboo, who's 6. They mostly consist of the following: a princess, a king, a queen (sometimes) and a witch. I wondered where the two of them were the other day, so I went out on the deck and there they were down below. Bugaboo was standing on a two-foot high retaining wall brandishing an old, short piece of pvc pipe, and Princess was on the patio yelling, "NO! Don't come in my castle!" The two of them are hilarious. On Easter Bugaboo had made a play out of dolls, and had Buzz Lightyear playing the evil witch. It was great, especially when the witch died then came back to life! He had a teddy bear play the "Brave Old Prince". It's so nice to see them play together even though it makes her obsession worse, and even though I'll hear her scream like she's dying because Bugaboo has snatched and run away with her Fisher Price queen.

A couple of days ago I had a particularly rough day, one of those days where you know you shouldn't be yelling all day but have a hard time stopping it. One of those where you want to crawl into bed and start the day over. I had been doing too much without enough rest and was so exhausted I acted like one of the kids, not the parent I should have been. Finally that night, the boys went to sleep and I felt like I could breathe again.

It was quiet, and Princess was sitting on her daddy's lap before bed, chattering away. I was enjoying listening to the two of them as I sat at the computer. Of course, it didn't take long for her thoughts to turn to her favorite subject. She said to him matter of factly, "I am the princess; Daddy, you are the king;".....I was so pleased that I knew what was coming next, my little girl calling me a queen! How adorable!....."and Mommy is the witch."

I lost it. I laughed so hard I could hardly breathe, collapsing onto the computer desk. Yes, I had been a witch that day. I know she wasn't saying that to be funny or make a point, but my little girl taught me a lesson. I don't get to be treated like a queen by default, I have to earn it.

Even if I am married to the king.


Nancy Face said...

I love is just AWESOME! I can so relate...I definitely have my days where I am the witch, too! :0

(Funny how it's usually the days when we're doing way too much with way too little sleep!)

I LOVE being first! WHEE! :D

Michal said...

i'm so glad that you could laugh about it. i hate those days when i know that i am modeling childish behavior to my children, having a fit in my own way when they have one of their own. it's nice to have a mirror once in a while to see what we really are that day. thank goodness we can always try, try again.

Kimberly said...


I could so see Emma doing that!!

No Cool Story said...


And hopefully you are a Good Witch.

mindyluwho said...

I love your last line, that you have to earn being treated like a queen. Very profound.

Mamita said...

So what do we have to do to be the queen? I feel like the witch almost every day!


I asked Melody yesterday who her favorite mommy is....she chirped out "DADDY!"

It's not easy being the boss of this house. Too many mutineers.