Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Case of the Toilet Paper Squares

I'm developing a habit of posting twice in one day. Although, to be fair, the other one should count as yesterday's because I posted it at a few minutes past midnight, then went to bed. Like Saturday night for example; it never really becomes Sunday until I fall asleep and wake up again. At least I tell myself that on the rare occasion I end up at Walmart at 11:59. --Edit-- After posting this I see that Blogger does not know how to tell time. It was most definitely after midnight!

Sometimes I post little gems that happen to me during the day, mostly as a way to preserve the memory. I expect everyone who reads these to tire of my little stories, but that's ok. How else would I remember Bugaboo mooning the aisle in Walmart? I read some older posts a while ago and found that I had blocked out that memory. Then? Not so funny. Now? Quite funny. Plus, I need ammunition for when my sons become teenagers.

Anyway, the past month or so I've noticed a disturbing thing. There has been a pile of single toilet paper squares growing by the toilet. I would pick them up, and it would start growing again. Mushrooms growing, I could understand. But toilet paper? Due to the complete lack of modesty on my children's part, I've been in there when each one of them has gone to the bathroom, and the source of the pile was baffling me. I was suspecting Princess, as we've been focusing more on her potty training. I didn't say anything, because I kept forgetting to.

Yesterday the mystery got solved. Bugaboo had a minor bladder infection, so he would cry and yell for me to help him because he couldn't stop going after the initial deluge. He'd sit or stand at the toilet dribbling every minute or so until I'd count, "1, 2, 3" and he'd throw the paper in the toilet and pull up his pants. He went a lot until it got better, because of all the cranberry juice I insisted he drink. It worked wonders!

On one of his many trips, he got some paper to wipe with. Due to improper use of toilet paper, a while ago James told him to use four squares and fold them up. Since Bugaboo is addicted to routines, he uses that many each time he wipes, for every potty episode. I stood there and watched as he counted, then tore the paper off the roll. He then silently counted each square again: one, two, three, four, five,*rip* --then tossed the lone square onto the floor.

Anyone want a bunch of white toilet paper squares for a collage or something?


Michal said...

funny! kids are such creatures of habit, aren't they? mine have so many "rules" for the way it has to be.
i like that growing mushrooms in your bathroom seemed like a possibility!:)

mindyluwho said...

Oh my goodness, that is hilarious!

Mamita said...

That is funny. I seem to have a mysterious puddle that forms instead, but nobody want to fess up to that one.


A toilet paper pinata?

A toilet paper quilt since it's already been square-pieced for you?

Sew them together for a toilet paper bikini to enjoy this summer.

Endless possibilities.

Nancy Face said...

Rebecca...aka Sherlock Holmes.

Maybe you could use them as napkins for very small snacks...ewww!