Monday, March 3, 2008

Interview With a Princess

James and I were lounging in bed talking before he turned in early for bed tonight. Princess came in and was being so snuggly and talkative (I wonder where she gets that from?) that I decided to ask her some questions. This is the result.

Me: "What's your favorite animal?"

Princess: "My favorite animal? Wolf. " (Makes a wolf sound.) "Wooooooo. I love wolfes."
(Sounds like 'wolf-ezze')

Me: "What's your favorite color?"

Princess: (Without hesitation.) "Pink." This comes as no surprise.

Me: "What color is my shirt?"

Princess: (Completely perplexed because it's lavender, she looks up at me mischievously)

Me: "What's your favorite part of Daddy's face?" I'm thinking she'll choose his nose or his eyes.

Princess: "Look happy."

Me: "What's your favorite part of Mommy's face?"

Princess: "Look happy."

Me: "What's your favorite song?"

Princess: "Sleeping Beauty."

Me: "Sleeping Beauty?"

Princess: "Sleeping Beauty."

Me: "Sleeping Beauty?"

Princess: "IknowyouIwalkonyouonceuponadreamsong." (Yes, that's "I walk on you". Not a typo.) And then, sung: "Ciiinderelllla" gibberish singing I couldn't understand "Ciiinderelllla..."

Me: "What's your favorite food?"

Princess: "Favorite food...............not cows."

That was totally unexpected. We lost it and started laughing like crazy. Of course that caused her to become extra silly and start goofing off.

Me: "Are you done talking to me?"

Princess: "Yes. I talk to Daddy now."

End of interview.


Nancy Face said... cute and funny! :D

I ♥ Sleeping Beauty! She is the favorite princess around here, and my 20 year old daughter and I like singing that song! :)

Kimberly said...

Oh that's just too funny! What a character!

Michal said...

i love those little moments with my kids when they are being silly (and not when they are supposed to be reverent, quiet, or serious). they are so precious. she's a darling little princess--aptly named!:)

Dedee said...

That's hilarious!! I like the walk on you thing. I love kids!

No Cool Story said...

Awww, sweet!
"Not cows" :)

Jen said...

You should teach her "these boots were made for walking" next, she could sing it while wearing a tiara.

mindyluwho said...

I can hear her singing Ciiiinderelllla!!!

Love the new name and new blog look! Very beautiful and poetic. I've been thinking of changing my name for awhile, but haven't come up with what sounds like me yet.

Mamita said...

That's funny. I always love that age.

Mamita said...
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elasticwaistbandlady said...

Hey, we were out of it this week, too. And we missed two Shakespeare practices and I had to tell the director that we're out this year.


elasticwaistbandlady said...

I Loooovvveeee your new look here!

Sleeping Beauty is an Infidel favorite, too.

Nancy Face said...

Your new name and header are lovely!