Monday, March 3, 2008

Alive and Kicking!

The play turned out well, and I do have a couple of pictures to download soon. Our family got slammed with the flu. I started getting it Thursday night, and with the busy weekend I didn't get to rest much so it lasted longer. I tell you, I was so grateful for ibuprofen! I usually don't like to take thing like that, just let the illness run its course, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Saturday was my sister's baby shower. I washed my hands and didn't breathe on anything, and made food to send with my mother. I heard that it was a success. Professor did a great job on his part in the play. Oh, and I lost 5 pounds. I guess that's a positive part of having the flu!

I'm way behind on blog reading, not to mention that I've spent the morning playing catch-up on my non-paying job as buying club coordinator, so I need to lie down soon. Today is the first day I can sit up for long periods of time and even walk around the house for stretches before having to rest. I'm so excited because I have dishes washing in the dishwasher that have been sitting there for days!

That's it. I have nothing clever or intelligent to say. Except maybe these words:


There. That should be enough. Now that I feel smart, (even though I had to look some of them up to be sure they meant exactly what I thought they did) I'm going to rest.


Rebecca said...

Um, when I said pictures to "download" I actually meant "upload". Hee hee hee.

Michal said...

i'm so sorry that you've been so sick--and so glad that you feel better. i'd been missing you but i remembered that you had a very busy week. isn't it rotten that the very busy week turned into very sick week?
glad you lost 5 pounds though! that's so much better than gaining 2.5 like i did last week!:)

mindyluwho said...

I love all your very smart words. Glad you are feeling better. Don't worry about us, we'll still be here when you get back to normal. I can't wait to see the pictures!

Summer said...

Hey, I've been thinking it might be nice to puke my guts out if it means losing a few pounds. I've been exercising regularly for a couple weeks but nothing happening yet. *sigh*

Thanks for the tip about the epinephrine and exercise. I'm going to definitely try the exercise next week after my dental appt.

Nancy Face said...

Ugh...sorry you had the yuckies!

Mamita said...

My mom used to say that the best thing about getting sick was loosing weight. I used to WANT to get sick just for that, but unfortunately I don't get sick for very long! I'm excited to see the pictures too. I bet is was a blast to see.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Next time you don't make the blog rounds as scheduled you'll need a doctor's note to excuse your absence.

I'm totally kidding.

Glad you guys are feeling better!