Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nearly here...


"Ahem". She stood up, brushing the dirt and crushed daffodils off her blue jeans and new lavender v-neck top.

"Sorry about the mess, but I just fell back onto the face of the earth." She paused a moment, eyes widening in amazement, with a touch of fear. Of their own accord, her feet took a step back.

"I didn't realize there were so many," she whispered in awe. "Beautiful."

Scattered all around her were dewy, yellow petals. Words were inscribed on them, translucent, softly shimmering.

She reached for the first petal and started reading. Although she knew that it would take a while to catch up, she missed her friends' words. Funny, insightful, and poignant thoughts lifted her spirits. She smiled, then reached for another.

She knew that she also had words to share. Spending time in the dark void of outer space was the perfect place for thinking thoughts that took time to brew and steep. The experience was layered in emotion, eye-opening. Bitter notes here, some sadness there, but ending in a resulting sweetness with the vision of a fuller love and life.

"Soon," she promised herself quietly. "Soon."

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Date!!!! But Not Just ANY Date!

Tonight I get to go on a date with James. Well, it had better be tonight! You'll never know how much fun we're going to have. Call me irresponsible, but we're not making reservations for dinner. We're going to have an adventure and find a restaurant on our way. We'll sit there, lost in each other's eyes over the table, and he'll say, "You look wonderful tonight." Absolutely everything will be perfect.

After we leave, I'll feel like I have a fever. But it's not the summer wind, it'll be that crazy little thing called love. We won't be going to the Stardust theater, but someplace more special. He tells me to, "Save the last dance for me." We'll dance the Peroxide Swing, and we'll both be feeling good. Then he'll whisper "I can't help falling in love with you again," and I can't help but think how sweet it is to be loved by him. When he murmurs "Put your head on my shoulder," we'll snuggle close and I'll dream a little dream about how the best is yet to come throughout the years.

Finally we'll take a walk along the lazy river as we surrender to the beauty of the night. Then we'll make the long trip home as we plan for the rest of the week. Back to reality. That's life, and that's all.

Ok, so we're not going dancing after our surprise adventure dinner. But we are going somewhere special. Did you guess where yet?

*Cue teenage girlish-type screaming* AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad that James thinks over Michael is cute. I hope he thinks any screaming I may do is cute too. I don't expect to do any screaming. I hope I'm full of decorum and sophistication. However, I cannot be held responsible for my reaction to hearing Michael live for the first time ever!!!!

I'll be thinking of you while I'm there!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Interview With a Princess

James and I were lounging in bed talking before he turned in early for bed tonight. Princess came in and was being so snuggly and talkative (I wonder where she gets that from?) that I decided to ask her some questions. This is the result.

Me: "What's your favorite animal?"

Princess: "My favorite animal? Wolf. " (Makes a wolf sound.) "Wooooooo. I love wolfes."
(Sounds like 'wolf-ezze')

Me: "What's your favorite color?"

Princess: (Without hesitation.) "Pink." This comes as no surprise.

Me: "What color is my shirt?"

Princess: (Completely perplexed because it's lavender, she looks up at me mischievously)

Me: "What's your favorite part of Daddy's face?" I'm thinking she'll choose his nose or his eyes.

Princess: "Look happy."

Me: "What's your favorite part of Mommy's face?"

Princess: "Look happy."

Me: "What's your favorite song?"

Princess: "Sleeping Beauty."

Me: "Sleeping Beauty?"

Princess: "Sleeping Beauty."

Me: "Sleeping Beauty?"

Princess: "IknowyouIwalkonyouonceuponadreamsong." (Yes, that's "I walk on you". Not a typo.) And then, sung: "Ciiinderelllla" gibberish singing I couldn't understand "Ciiinderelllla..."

Me: "What's your favorite food?"

Princess: "Favorite food...............not cows."

That was totally unexpected. We lost it and started laughing like crazy. Of course that caused her to become extra silly and start goofing off.

Me: "Are you done talking to me?"

Princess: "Yes. I talk to Daddy now."

End of interview.

Alive and Kicking!

The play turned out well, and I do have a couple of pictures to download soon. Our family got slammed with the flu. I started getting it Thursday night, and with the busy weekend I didn't get to rest much so it lasted longer. I tell you, I was so grateful for ibuprofen! I usually don't like to take thing like that, just let the illness run its course, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Saturday was my sister's baby shower. I washed my hands and didn't breathe on anything, and made food to send with my mother. I heard that it was a success. Professor did a great job on his part in the play. Oh, and I lost 5 pounds. I guess that's a positive part of having the flu!

I'm way behind on blog reading, not to mention that I've spent the morning playing catch-up on my non-paying job as buying club coordinator, so I need to lie down soon. Today is the first day I can sit up for long periods of time and even walk around the house for stretches before having to rest. I'm so excited because I have dishes washing in the dishwasher that have been sitting there for days!

That's it. I have nothing clever or intelligent to say. Except maybe these words:


There. That should be enough. Now that I feel smart, (even though I had to look some of them up to be sure they meant exactly what I thought they did) I'm going to rest.