Monday, February 11, 2008

Clutter Challenge Results!

The first thing I shall say is that as usual, I didn't get as much done as I would have liked.

The second thing I shall say is that I'm excited and will focus on what I have done! Plus, part of the time I would have been working we went to Sam's Club and I'm getting new glasses. It was so worth it! I had to wait until James could go with me since I'm blind as a bat and he has good taste. Goodbye, 11 year old scratched up, greenish turning, big lensed gross glasses! Whoohoo! (Disclaimer: I am very thankful that I've had glasses these past years, I know there are people in other countries who would love glasses. I can't help that I've hated mine for about...7 years. Still, I'm thankful.)

A couple of you were decluttering along with me this past weekend. Congratulations on your accomplishments! Seeing your list of decluttered stuff gives me inspiration to keep on!

I went through a whole big giant tv-sized box of giveaway stuff we put together during James' vacation in December. Why did I have to go through it again? Because it's in Princess' room and other things fell into it. So I went through that box, and came up with 4-5 trash bags full of clothes and toys, and I took a weird round wooden shelf thingy and DONATED IT. Why all caps? Because I'm never good at actually hauling the giveaway stuff out the door, let alone taking it anywhere. It tends to sit where I've placed it. Actually, that's not true. It breeds.

"Breeds?", you ask. Yes, it does. Somehow the giveaway stuff leaks out all over the floor, finds its soulmate and breeds a whole new family of disaster. Not so this past Saturday at our house!

I also got to sort and get a lot done in that room as far as things that didn't need to be given away....yet. *cue cackling laughter*

Something that was unplanned, was that I also started tackling the bathroom closet. I think I did that because I was sick of having bottles fall down on my head when looking for something. I threw out a whole bunch of expired stuff, and junk I didn't want anymore. I got baskets to fit the big shelves and that makes things a whole lot easier. I need to get some smaller ones for the side shelves and it's going to look awesome!

Ahh, baskets. The plastic Sterilite ones with holes. I think I've fallen in love.
I discovered them last year. I don't know why it took me this long. I guess I used to think that the baskets took up even more space that I could shove things in. Now I know that if I have more stuff than basket room I need to find another space for it or toss it. Oh, you little baskets, you! I could squeeze your little cheeks if you had any. You make my life so much easier. If I want cleaners? Take down the basket. Laundry stain removers? Basket. Sheets? Contained in a basket. Now they won't slide down to the floor! I have repented of my non-basket ways. They come in different sizes, and I loved the brown ones they had in the fall!

Once I get my bathroom closet done, I shall take a picture for you. I may not get to finish it until this weekend, but I shall persevere!

I have a lasagna in the oven, so I'd better sign off for now. It was what I was supposed to make for dinner yesterday, but I fell asleep. Late Saturday night + early church= longer than planned afternoon nap.

The kids are super tired. Hmmm....early bed? Then...maybe more decluttering? I need to find a way to stay in the zone. How do you all manage to stay on the path to liberation?


mindyluwho said...

I LOVE those baskets! I have several for my pantry, it keeps all kinds of things organized in there.

Today I worked on my kitchen again. I have it almost all done. I changed around nearly every cupboard and threw out several pie plates and other sundry items that I havn't used for, oh, say a decade or more!

I'm slow too, but what keeps me going is the feeling I get when I walk into a room I've decluttered. Such a floating, freeing feeling!


Kimberly said...

I am so, so proud of you!

Have lots to email you about tomorrow - as I ignored my inbox today and sulked instead. I'm such a dork. Catch up with you then!

And congrats!

Amy said...

I have had to declutter the office and dining room. My husband started his own business and he took my desk, a set of bookshelves and a large filing cabinet. Having all that gone forced me to clean-up and organize. I LOVE my new space! It's so open and clean. My family room is next...

Mamita said...

What? There's a path to liberation? How come nobody's told me about it?!

Oh, and I do love those baskets. I've got them in the closets for clothes, shoes, toys, and yes, even for my "give away" pile. I love them. I have them in my living room for magazines and one to throw the toys in when I'm cleaning. Once I found a set of square wicker ones, with the material layer, on clearance at Home Depot for only $3. I grabbed four sets! I would have grabbed more, but the others were a different color that didn't appeal to me.

Michal said...

i think that i need to discover those baskets.
my give away boxes breed as well, although they usually go out to the garage to do it. just as soon as my husband cleans up and dejunks the garage, i promptly fill it up with things that need to go to DI, sell in a garage sale, or just live in our garage until a random family member or friend can pick it up. it drives jared crazy. and yet i continue to do it. every time.