Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Asked For It...

First, an update on yesterday's post. Our electricity problems were fixed yesterday afternoon by two very brave, cold electric company workers. I'm guessing that our power line got weakened by the ice storm back in December, which caused some parts of the power line not to work. They were out there doing a bunch of stripping and splicing on a pole (That sounds kind of funny!) and on our roof while we watched from our closed glass sliding door. The boys were excited to watch their daredevil antics!

Ok, now for the "you asked for it" part. I have been nudged several times by a few of you to post more songs that I've sung. I hereby give in, and post one I sang last April. It's one of my favorites, because of the acoustic guitar that this wonderful guy Steve posted on the site. If you have a microphone and want to have fun singing karaoke, go to Singsnap.

This is Coldplay's "The Scientist".

P.S. I just realized after my husband pushed "play", that this is not "The Scientist". This is my version of "Only Hope", originally sung by Mandy Moore. It's a hauntingly beautiful song and one of my favorites!


Rebecca said...

I'm adding this here because if I edit my post it does something weird to the player and I have cookies in the oven.

Thank you for all of the concern shown me and my family over my last post! Thankfully, it didn't get too cold. I love my bloggy friends!

Kimberly said...

Rebecca! I had no idea!

Your voice is incredible...seriously professional quality. There's a richness to it, as well as a unique sound that differentiates it from the norm. It's a sweet voice...I got yummy shivers listening to that!

mindyluwho said...

Thank you, thank you!! That was beautiful and a wonderful treat to find on your blog. You have an amazing voice!

I thought of you today while I was folding laundry and listening to "Everything" by Michael Buble on my iPod. I had to go buy that song after hearing it on your blog. Now I have to go find "Only Hope"!

No Cool Story said...

Thank you thank you thank you!
Firstborn is home (sick) and we are listening to you singing. When I told him you are my OLF he's like "she's really good!".

S said...

Beautiful voice!! Comments are like the old "you got mail" voice when email had just gotten do-able for the average joe! Are you able to follow what I am sayin? Anyhow sing some more for us your voice sounds awesome.