Sunday, January 20, 2008

2007 in Pictures

I'll bet you can't guess what I learned to do today. Yes, I learned how to get the pictures off of the camera! Here are some highlights from 2007. I wanted to put more in, but the pictures started adding up pretty quickly!

We went on a family trip to the zoo in May....

Tortoises are fun!

Daddy and the boys

This is one of my all-time favorite pics

Yes, it's a snake. Yes, she did. No, I didn't capture it.

From around the 4th of July
Swimming in the backyard pool
The yummiest trifle! Princess was sneaking a taste while I was taking the picture.

Professor's first big birthday party

Notice the flat pool in the background?
My sister made the ultra cool spider pinata.

I'm usually not this creative. Notice the animals staring from their rocks at the giant serpent!
We went on our first overnight trip without the kids for our anniversary. Here we are at the Winter Quarter's Temple.

Professor traveled many hours to get to his first BYU Cougar football game with Daddy and Grandpa!

My sister has the Halloween pics. We're skipping Halloween.

Here are the pics I promised from our ice storm in December.

Saber-toothed tree

The view from our deck

Impressive that the tree didn't collapse under the weight.

My batteries were dying, but you still get an idea of how much ice was on each tree.

My favorite ice storm picture. Undoctored. Isn't that sky gorgeous?

Costumes from our Christmas party. Professor was a wise man, and Bugaboo a shepherd. Professor's turban was an old curtain, and he wore a velvet maternity shirt of mine. Bugaboo wore another of my shirts for his robe, and another shirt tied to make his head covering. Necessity certainly is the mother of invention!
This is from this past Thursday, Bugaboo's birthday. Thankfully he was so easily pleased with his "volcano" cake. The raspberry "lava" was soooo yummy with chocolate cake! His mouth is orange, not from the reflection of his shirt, but because it's stained with spaghetti sauce from dinner.


mindyluwho said...

Loved the year in review!

I used to live in Oklahoma and saw a few ice storms in my day. It's amazing how something so dazzlingly beautiful can be so destructive.

The volcano cake looks yummy!

Mamita said...

Our ice storm caused my two trees to fall all over my yard. I still have massive piles of branches on my curb! Ugh!